Concept 2 Rowing Machine Review

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  • Substantial weight capacity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality build and finish
  • Comfortable seat
  • Customizable


  • Noisy air resistance system
  • Weak resistance

Exercising and staying fit were popular among fitness enthusiasts even before the pandemic.

Many of these health buffs choose indoor rowing as an exercise to improve cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

Today, we will go through this Concept 2 Rowing Machine review and check its features and how they can help with your fitness journey.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine Review

Concept 2 is a famous brand founded by two brothers in 1976 with headquarters in Vermont.

One of the brand’s well-known and reliable rowers is the Model D, also known nowadays as RowErg.

It has features suitable for indoor rowing competitions and users of all fitness levels, providing a comfortable way of performing the exercise.

Model D is an old machine compared to the current ones. So, can this rowing machine perform alongside its more modern competitors?

We will get our answer as we go through this article.

Who Is This Product For?

The Concept 2 Model D Rowing Machine suits those who want intensity in their workout but without the risk of injury.

It is perfect for people who plan to have toned bodies because of the rower’s full-body workout benefits.

Even moms with kids can spare 15 minutes daily and do some muscle strengthening workout.

It is also great for individuals aged 50 years and above to reduce joint stiffness while increasing flexibility.

The Concept 2 Rowing Machine is for everyone who wants to stay in shape.

What’s Included?

Included in the package are the following items:

  • Concept 2 Model D unit
  • Illustrated assembly instruction
  • PM5 or Performance Monitor 5 computer
  • PM5 Quick Start Guide
  • Smartphone cradle
  • Tools
  • User manual

Overview of the Features

The Concept 2 indoor rowing machines have been best-selling for over 40 years worldwide because of their excellent features and dependable performance.

Most elite athletes use this indoor rowing machine for competitive training. It works smoothly, is easy to maintain, and is long-lasting.

Also, this popular rowing machine supports everyone’s training goals, whether newbies or professional rowers.

  • Adjustable Footrests and Ergonomic Handle

The adjustable footrests of Concept 2 rowers make it easier and quicker to fit them to a wide range of shoe sizes.

It also helps find the best rowing position that suits your body type and size.

The rowing machine’s handle features a ten-degree bend ergonomic design for added comfort for a natural hand and arm position.

Another feature you can alter according to your preference is the adjustable monitor arm finished in silver powder coating.

  • Durable Construction and Easy Maintenance

All Concept 2 products are well-known for their durability.

The Model D Rowing Machine is not so different, as it can support a maximum user weight of up to 500 pounds.

This weight capacity is one of the highest compared to its competitors.

You will find these sturdy and well-built machines in different locations worldwide, like in boathouses, living rooms, training centers, etc.

It has steel rear legs, stainless steel seat track, aluminum front legs, monorail, and a nickel-plated steel chain.

You can keep the smooth rowing action of the machine by holding the chain and monorail clean.

  • Easy To Assemble

This exercise equipment comes pre-assembled. The only part you need to install is the front legs, which will take 20-30 minutes to complete.

You will find an illustrated manual in the box and the necessary tools for the assembly.

  • Flywheel and Damper

These Concept 2 rowers use air resistance flywheel with every stroke, giving you complete control of your effort and resistance.

You can adjust the airflow going to the flywheel with the spiral damper to change the stroke’s feel based on your preference.

Easily adjust the damper settings between one to ten, so you can move better quickly or add more intensity to the resistance.

In addition, the flywheel design maximizes the smooth rowing feel while reducing the noise.

  • Get Connected

The powerful Performance Monitor on your indoor rowers connects to your devices via Bluetooth with excellent compatibility options with 30 other apps.

You can even connect your PM5 to a heart rate monitor if you have one.

  • Integrated Device Holder

Using ErgData and other apps while rowing with the integrated tablet holder, securing your gadget is easier.

You can fit anything from a small smartphone to as large as an iPad Pro.

  • Power Requirement

Your LCD monitor requires two pieces of D cell batteries to function.

Consequently, the spinning flywheel provides power and helps extend the battery life during your workout session.

  • Storage and Mobility

This air-resistance rower is easy to move around.

For better storage, you can quickly separate the machine into two pieces, even without tools.

It is an ideal fitness machine for gyms and homes with limited spaces.

The taller legs of the elevated model come with large caster wheels for ease of movement.

  • Two Height Options

The standard rower has a 14-inch seat height, while the elevated version is 20 inches.

The elevated version with the tall legs provides the appearance and convenience of a taller rower.

Some users with longer inseams can talk to the after-sales team of Concept 2 and ask for an extra-long monorail.

  • Workout Data

The Model D uses the standard PM5 console that automatically turns on as you start rowing.

It will also shut down automatically if it stays idle for several minutes.

You can easily monitor your progress through reliable and comparable data with every stroke on the display screen.

Additionally, It comes with the “Just Row” mode that will let you set up different workouts and training options.

The LCD screen can display a wide range of data, including calories, pace, stroke rate, watts, and an optional pace boat.

You can use ErgData, a free app for Android and iOS, by syncing it to your PM5 and transferring the information to your online logbook.

  •  Warranty

The Concept 2 rowers come with a 2-year limited warranty, a five-year coverage on frame, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

How To Get the Most Out of the Concept 2 Rowing Machine?

Many people quickly pick up the natural movement of rowing when instructed or trained. Generally, all manufacturers provide instructions on how to utilize their products effectively.

Make it a habit to read through the user’s manual of your fitness equipment before you start using your machine.

If you are new to the sport, try to know the rowing basics and use the tips and other resources we have for you.

1. Learn the proper technique.

Before attempting your first workout, watch a few technique videos about the subject that will eventually help you with your fitness journey.

2. Educate yourself.

Familiarize yourself with the everyday things essential to your rowing journey, like breathing techniques, comfortability, stretches, and the damper setting functions.

3. Gradual build-up.

Take it easy the first time you get on your rowing machine. Alternatively, keep your focus on your technique while maintaining a steady pace.

4. Track your progress.

Be consistent in tracking your progress, using it as a motivation to achieve your fitness goals. Utilize the online logbook of Concept 2.

5. Train with a partner.

Find an exercise partner who will motivate you to stick to your workout program. Concept 2 has a training partner feature to help monitor your progress.


If you think the Concept 2 Rowing Machine is not for you, here is an excellent alternative you might want to study.

The Teeter Power10 Rower features a bi-directional movement, engaging more muscles than the usual rowing machine.

Even its overall design is not the typical type you see from traditional rowers.

  • Assembly

Apart from some heavy parts, assembly is easy, especially for those with handyman skills.

The machine base weighs 80 pounds and is the heaviest part of the rower; hence, the need for a helper.

Due to its heavy weight, it is best to assemble the Power10 in the exact place where you intend to use it.

What’s more, you know that this rowing machine has excellent stability, eliminating wobbling and the risk of toppling over.

  • The Hardware

The Power10 rower has one of the most comfortable seats for fitness equipment, providing the support you rarely find in an exercise machine.

It measures 22.5 inches from the floor, a welcome relief for those with lower back or knee problems.

The shape of the handles provides multiple ways to hold them so you can work on different muscle groups.

The well-padded handles provide a comfortable grip, while the wide strapped footrests can hold the feet securely.

Another impressive feature of Power10 is its ability to accommodate a wide range of heights from 4’8″ up to 7′.

Comparing the resistance system between Concept 2 and Teeter Power10, the latter uses a magnetic mechanism, which is quieter than air.

Its unique feature is its elliptical rowing action, where the seat rises and falls as you push and pull the handles in a rowing motion.

This extra action provides additional muscle movement as you combine the seven resistance levels for variety.

  • The Console

The sufficient size of the LCD screen monitor allows you to see the reading combined with its straightforward layout.

It displays essential information, including calories, distance rowed, strokes per minute, and workout time.

Similar to Concept 2, Teeter also offers a free-to-use online training app. Also, it comes with a heart rate monitor.

Is The Concept 2 Rowing Machine Right For You?

This Concept 2 Rowing Machine review has proven that it is still one of the best indoor rowers loved by many.

It offers essential features for a low-impact full-body workout you can perform at home using one machine.

Concept 2 always comes out first through the years against its competitors, even if those new rowers offer new features and innovation.

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