Best Magnetic Rowing Machine – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Magnetic rowing machines are not just great for cardio exercises but also for the strength-building capability they offer. Finding the right one, though, is not easy with the many great options available on the market.

That is why we have compiled this list of some of the most popular and best magnetic rowing machines to make it easier. Together we can look at the great features that make them more effective for the user. 

Below, we are going to take a look at what you need to know so you can make a purchasing decision once you see how these best magnetic rowing machines can help you in your quest for a fitter and healthier you.

Best Magnetic Rowing Machine Reviews

Sunny Health And Fitness rowing Machine

If you are looking for a good quality workout machine, look no further as this one will help to improve your overall health. It is designed for those who want to improve and keep improving with as little effort as possible.


With up to eight levels of magnetic resistance at your disposal, this machine will help to give you a good workout. It is also easy to select the levels with the easy-to-use and easily-accessible selection knob while you are busy.

The foot pedals are equipped with safety straps to improve the overall ergonomic level of the machine for a better workout. It also has a non-slip surface to make it safe even at high resistance levels without slipping.

You also have a good and casual rowing experience with the rowing machine’s cushioned seat. Discomfort will not get in the way of your goals, so you can work out for longer sessions and easily reach your goal.

Anti-slip handles improve your overall experience with this machine while it is safe to use even with sweaty hands. This feature is great to help you maintain your performance any time you use the machine for your workouts.

The floor stabilizers keep the machine in place while you workout out with it. It will not use that much space by folding the steel rail up when not in use.

Unfortunately, the display on this rowing machine is quite small and the readouts are not easily discernible at a glance or from a distance. This means those wearing glasses may find it difficult to read the display, which might cause them not to use it.

Some people also find this machine a bit noisy while operating and a sound emanates from the seat when in use. That means you will not be able to use it where other people reside as it may disturb them.


  • You can get a good workout from it
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Small fold-up option for easy storage
  • This machine has a durable and strong design


  • The display on this rowing machine is a bit small
  • It operates at a high loudness

Echanfit CR49 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Using the Echnafit rowing machines can improve your fitness level and allow you to live healthy without too much effort. It is designed to give you a good user experience and have fun while improving your health and is great for beginners and experienced athletes.


The heavy-duty steel frame of this machine is much more durable so it can last longer and carry more weight. It can be adjusted to accommodate people of up to 6 feet, 6 inches so that people of most sizes can use it.

It can be adjusted to different angles for much better access to the display to make it easy to read at a glance. This is great to help you keep track of your progress while you are busy with your workout sessions.

It is also designed to be used for various workouts like running, rowing, strength training, and more. This also means that it can be used for aerobic training and it comes with up to 16 different levels of resistance to choose from.

The contoured seat makes it much easier to use this machine for your rowing exercises as it improves the ergonomic factor. It is also quite stable with built-in stabilizers for a much better overall user experience and balance.

A nice and convenient design makes the rowing machine from Echnafit easy to assemble and use by most people out there.

While you are busy with your workout and need to change to a higher or lower resistance, it is not smooth and seamless. This means you must interrupt your training session to find a new level to improve your overall results.

No compatible apps for this machine means there is no easy access to the many great features via your smartphone. This also means that you will not have that increased user experience, which may take away some of the machine’s functionality.


  • You have a lot of magnetic resistance levels
  • It can be used for different types of workouts
  • This machine operates at a low noise level
  • Strong and durable construction


  • You do not have a seamless mid-workout resistance change-over
  • There are no compatible apps for this machine

Fitness Reality Magnetic Fitness Machine

Equipped with many great features, this magnetic rowing machine is ideal for the person who needs to have a challenge when working out. It is also designed to give you full-motion action and work more muscles in the upper body for a complete session.


The easy and comfortable foot paddles make it easy to use this rowing machine for various exercise types. This will increase your overall user experience and the functionality of the rowing machine for much better and more positive results.

A nylon belt drive system operates quietly, making it easy to use in your home without disturbing those around you. This also means you can use these rowing machines for your workouts while watching your favorite show and getting fit.

With up to 14 levels of resistance, this machine can be used for all fitness levels to keep you going. All these levels make it ideal to use for the beginner and the expert athlete for light to the most intense levels of workouts.

You can access many programs with the app that will help you easily improve and reach your goals without too many hassles. This includes flexible workout programs that will fit your preferences and your schedules for convenience.

The 48-inch slide rail allows for full leg extensions for people up to 6 feet, 4 inches. This means that most people will benefit from this machine for their workout sessions.

Getting the app to sync with the machine might prove difficult and some people may just give up trying and miss out. You also have only 30 days of a prime membership which means you need to pay for longer membership options.

This rowing machine from Fitness Reality also has a low maximum weight capacity of only around 250 pounds. This means that larger people will not be able to use it and they must opt for another machine to accommodate them.


  • It is available at a decent price point
  • Easy to assemble for use
  • Free fitness classes for 30 days
  • Great upper body workout options


  • It is a bit difficult to sync the app
  • This machine has a low maximum weight capacity

Yosuda Magnetic Rowing Machine

Yosuda rowing machines are made sturdy and durable, so they will last for many years to give you many hours of workouts. This machine also comes loaded with great features to make it easier to use for many different fitness levels while having fun.


An ergonomic soft seat makes it easy to use this machine for long periods for uninterrupted workout sessions. This means you will have much better results with your training programs that will help improve your fitness much faster.

The wide handlebar is wrapped with soft padding to make it easier to use and provide a non-slip feature for your hands. You can easily use this machine for an extended period even with sweaty hands, and still be safe.

With the non-slip pedals built into this rowing machine, you’ll be safe and well-balanced while working out on it. These foot pedals are also large enough to accommodate most foot sizes, so most people can easily use this machine.

The large LCD makes it easy to read while keeping track of your progress with a glance at the monitor. On top of the monitor is a large tablet holder so you can listen to your favorite music while working out.

The different resistance levels make it great to use for many different types of workout programs. It is also sufficient to be used for all fitness levels and all types of people.

Assembling this machine is not one of the easiest things to do, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. So if you are one of them, you need to find help to completely assemble it for use, which may take some time.

Smaller and weaker people might find it difficult to move this machine around after it has been fully assembled. That is because it is quite heavy and can not be easily moved around or to a different location, even with the large wheels.


  • This is a great option for beginner rowers
  • High maximum load capacity
  • It comes with a large easy to read LCD
  • You also have a large tablet holder included


  • This rowing machine is not easy to assemble
  • It is a bit heavy

Circuit Fitness Deluxe Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine

This magnetic rowing machine comes loaded with many great features to make it much easier to improve your fitness level. The overall ergonomic design makes it easy to use for longer periods to provide quicker positive results for your workout sessions.


The durable mold-injected seat allows you to exercise with a greater level of comfort while it is safe to be used by everyone. The foot straps are adjustable to provide a snug fit while accommodating different foot sizes to improve the safety and comfort level further.

A large LCD shows you results as it monitors your speed, time, and distance while providing a readout of burned calories. It also provides you with the rpm and temperature, and if paired with a heart rate monitor, it also monitors your pulse.

You can pair your smartphone with the rower through the Kinomap app for easy connection and control options. This will also help you personalize your workout programs to fit your schedule and provide great results.

The specialized 11-pound flywheel will help improve your cardio exercises together with the different levels of magnetic resistance. This is because the two-way belt transmission provides smooth rowing actions to improve the overall results.

With a small folded-up option, you can store the machine in a small space when it is not in use. The throwing machine from Circuit Fitness is great to be used by both beginner and expert rowers.

At this high price point, many people will not be able to afford the machine and miss out on the great features. This is especially a problem for those who work on a tight budget, so they will go for a more affordable option.

Also, the heart rate monitor is not included with the machine and must be purchased separately at an extra cost. This will increase the price point if you need to add this part to your machine to have all the functions available.


  • Sturdy and sleek construction
  • Easy to use and fold for storage
  • It has a high maximum weight capacity
  • Made from lightweight materials


  • The heart rate monitor is sold separately
  • It comes with a high price tag attached


The Circuit Fitness Deluxe rowing machine is our number one choice for its durability and ease of use, with many great features added. In a close second place is the Yosuda rowing machine with a high maximum load capacity which most people can use.

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