Best Compact Rowing Machine of 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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Many fitness enthusiasts like working out in the convenience of their homes instead of going to crowded gyms.

One popular solution is to look for the best compact rowing machine on the market.

These compact rowing machines provide space-saving abilities, making them ideal home fitness equipment.

They offer a full-body workout and help complex muscle toning in the comfort of your home and at your desired pace.

Today, we’ll help you row yourself into fitness with the following compact machine recommendations.

Read on and choose the one that will suit your fitness needs and preferences.

Best Compact Rowing Machine Reviews

1. Yosuda Rower 100 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Yosuda is a family fitness brand that produces health equipment you can use at home.

The company began in 2018, founded by Eric Zeng, a lawyer who quit his job to create exercise equipment for his sick wife.

It provides high-quality products through its advanced equipment and technology.


The Yosuda Rower 100 Magnetic Rowing Machine is a budget fitness equipment you can add to your home gym.

This magnetic rower was first released on the market in May 2021, boasting sturdy and well-built fitness equipment.

  • Assembly

With only ten screws to twist in, you can quickly assemble the Rower 100 within 20 minutes since most components come pre-assembled.

Even the most non-technical person can easily follow the instruction manual and video to finish the assembly.

  • Resistance

The Rower 100 is a smooth and quiet rowing machine using a magnetic resistance type ideal for indoor exercise.

It generates resistance by using a virtually maintenance-free metal flywheel and magnets.

This Yosuda rowing machine has eight adjustable resistance levels and a ten-pound flywheel doubling the friction.

You can easily adjust the resistance level using a dial attached to the flywheel.

With sufficient resistance provided for both beginners and professionals, it is perfect for body shaping, rehabilitative treatment, strength training, and weight loss.

  • Non-Slip Pedals

The oversized plastic foot pedals have a non-slip and textured design that can fit most shoe sizes.

Running across the forefoot is the well-placed foot straps ensuring safety while keeping your feet pressed to the pedals.

  • Tablet Holder

With the big tablet holder, you can enjoy watching videos or listening to music while doing your rowing workout.

The unique design of the Rower 100 will not block your screen or hinder your workout.

  • LCD Monitor

The LCD screen displays basic stats, including burned calories, rowing distance, stroke count, total count, and time.

  • Padded Seat

The ergonomically designed large cushioned soft seat provides a comfortable rowing experience.

Its smooth and silent movement makes exercising more efficient, especially for larger and heavier rowers.

  • Non-Slip Handlebar

The sweat-absorbing and non-slip wide handlebar made of durable metal have soft foam padding for added comfort.

It also has reinforced nylon rope, making it more durable and long-lasting.

  • Transport Wheels

Two big wheels are placed on the front stabilizer for easy mobility from one area to another within your house.

Also found on the front and rear stabilizers are four balance regulators, giving your compact rower stability on different surfaces.

  • Full-Body Workout

Rowing uses 90% of various muscle groups, including arms, core, and legs. It is also ideal for burst training, activation, and aerobic exercises.

  • Weight and Height Capacity

This heavy-duty foldable rowing machine is made from commercial quality steel, giving it a maximum weight capacity of up to 350 pounds.

The Rower 100 measures 74.8 inches long with a slide rail of 49.2 inches, enabling it to accommodate tall users up to six feet six inches.

  • Warranty

Yosuda offers a refund and free return within one month and parts replacement for up to two years of its compact home rowing machine.

The company also promises to respond to all customers’ messages within 24 hours.


  • Useful resistance level range
  • Helps with proper rowing form
  • Well-built and sturdy
  • Silent operation
  • Space saver


  •  No read-out on the monitor
  • Too low

2. Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050

Stamina Products, founded in 1987, focuses on creating affordable and innovative equipment.

The company aims to outperform its competition via successful partnerships, active marketing programs, effective communications, and superior service.


The Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 uses hydraulic resistance, providing tension through a single piston under its central column.

This compact folding rowing machine, released in 2005, will fit any area inside your house.

  • Natural Rowing Feel

The Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 has arms with full rowing motions providing natural movement similar to water rowers.

It can help burn calories, improve cardiovascular function, and strengthen multiple muscle groups, ensuring a full-body workout.

  • Setting the Resistance

Set your desired intensity level through the adjustable resistance of the hydraulic cylinder system of the Glider 1050.

  • Tracking Your Progress

Keep track of your fitness level progress using the multi-functional and easy-to-read digital monitor showing your real-time stats.

It displays your burned calories, your current stroke count, your workout time, and your total accumulated strokes.

  • Fitness App Inclusion

This exercise machine pairs well with a smart audio coaching fitness app called Muuv.

It’s an all-in-one workout app offering an assembly video that you can follow, personalized training, and custom workouts based on your equipment and fitness goals.

  •  Comfortability

Experience stability and extra support as the machine moves smoothly on a ball-bearing roller system.

The machine also has padded hand grips, a contoured seat that can carry up to 250 pounds, and sizeable textured foot plates fitted with straps.

  • Space Saver

Storing the rowing machine when not in use or after your workout is more accessible because of its foldable carbon steel arms and frame.

  • Warranty

The Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 has one-year warranty coverage for the frame and 90 days on parts.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Effective workout machine
  • Does not produce unwanted noise
  • Mimics rowing motion
  • Easy to assemble


  • Slippery foot pedals
  • No resistance level indicator

3. Fitness Reality 1000 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Fitness Reality is a company that prioritizes helping customers reach their fitness goals by making products specific to their needs.

The company has more than ten years of experience making its customers happy and satisfied.

All products bought directly from Fitness Reality get free shipping and an additional one-year warranty.


The Fitness Reality 1000 magnetic rowing machine became available in 2019.

It is a piece of ideal fitness equipment for both newbies and professionals, providing versatility.

  • Weight Capacity

This magnetic rowing machine can accommodate a user’s maximum weight of up to 250  pounds.

  • Full Body Workout

The unique design of this rowing machine makes it an ideal home rowing machine that provides a full body workout focusing on major muscle groups.

You can use the flippable foot pedals as a stable workout platform while performing other exercises like curls, front raises, upright rows, etc.

  • Ultra Quiet Design

The magnetic rowing machine uses the ultra-quiet Nylon Belt Drive System, so there is no worry of disturbing anyone as you complete a workout session.

  •  Resistance Levels

Choose a resistance level between easy and hard, where one is the easiest and 14 the hardest.

The rowing machine’s multiple resistance levels suit every beginner or advanced rower.

  • Real-Time Stats

This magnetic rowing machine works with MyCloudFitness App for Android and iOS, as well as Google Fit and Apple Health.

You can monitor your calories, distance, strokes per minute, total count, and more on the large 3.5-inch LCD screen.

  • Nutrition Tracking and Fitness Classes

Access multiple on-demand classes about different sports, including bodyweight exercises, cycling, rowing, yoga, etc.

Enjoy a personalized workout program according to your schedule through the fitness app.

You can keep track of your nutrition by taking a picture of what you eat, making it easier to monitor calories, carbs, fiber, protein, etc.

Experience all of these benefits on your device placed on the built-in tablet holder while working out using Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Effective Fitness Programs

This Fitness Reality 1000 rowing machine, powered by MyCloudFitness App, is one of the best fitness equipment for home use.

Start enjoying a healthier life by answering some questions in the app, adhering to your personalized program, and seeing results.

  • Full Leg Extension

This magnetic rowing machine features a 48-inch slide rail, allowing users with heights between 4’9 to 6’4 feet.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Wide range of resistance settings
  • Durable cable
  • Comfortable seat


  • Wheels do not roll well
  • Sub-par app software

4. ECHANFIT CR49 Magnetic Rower

ECHANFIT has been creating the best workout equipment and cardio training machines for more than ten years and has served more than a million customers.

The brand aims to provide professional indoor fitness equipment, specifically cardio training machines, so that anyone can exercise anytime and anywhere.


This 2020 magnetic rower model from ECHANFIT boasts a classic style of rowing machines available at an affordable price.

Every fitness equipment will change your workout experience from the machine’s design, choice of material, the manufacturing process, and the overall quality of the product.

  • Adjustable Monitor Angle

Get a better and more accurate view of your workout data by adjusting the LCD monitor frame at various heights and angles.

You can also use this holder for your gadget and enjoy watching shows as you complete your training routine.

  • Contoured Rowing Seat

Intense training sessions become more comfortable while sitting atop the ergonomic contours of the rowing seat.

  • Easy Assembly

You only need 20 minutes to assemble the ECHANFIT magnetic rowing machine, which has minimal maintenance requirements.

  • Full-Body Workout

Like other rowing machines, this magnetic equipment can provide a full-body workout, activating most of the muscles in your body.

Enjoy a realistic water rowing experience with three exercise effects with each lateral movement.

  • Fits Most Users

The sturdy and durable heavy-duty steel frame of the ENCHANFIT rower can support a weight of up to 350 pounds.

It also has a 47-inch inseam length that will fit people as tall as six feet.

  • Floor Stabilizer

Uneven surfaces? No problem. Just twist the stabilizer dial until you achieve the proper balance and stability of the rowing machine.

  • Large and Secured Pedal

The foot pedal features a textured rubber with adjustable straps providing security for every user.

You can freely fix the fit of the pedal in support of your feet and ankle for maximum comfort.

  • Resistance Levels

Unlock your exercising abilities using the rowing machine’s 16 intensity levels. These adjustable resistance options provide a practical fitness experience.

The 1-8 levels are ideal for activation and aerobic exercises, 9-12 options are for strength training, and the 13-16 tensions are for muscle building.

  • Real-time Analytics

The LCD screen shows data on your calories, count, distance, RPM, scan, total count, and time.

  • Space Saver

The ECHANFIT rowing machine has a foldable space-saving design, rendering it with a small footprint that is easy to store.

  • Smooth and Quiet

Combining the magnetic resistance system and improved slide rail give you a smooth and quiet workout action.

  • Transport Wheels

Conveniently move the rower from one room to another using the built-in transport wheels attached to the floor stabilizer.

  • Warranty

With more than ten years of experience in providing quality indoor cardio training machines, ECHANFIT offers a one-year parts replacement coverage.

It also promises to respond to customers’ concerns within 12 business hours.


  • Operates quietly
  • Wide resistance options
  • Smooth gliding seat
  • Solid quality
  • Has enough leg room for tall people


  • Shallow tablet holder
  • Tedious folding and unfolding process

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride Trainer

Sunny Health & Fitness team believes that anyone should have easy access to a healthy lifestyle and a quality workout experience.

It was in 2002 when the founder John Sun decided to bring fitness to his customers’ doorsteps.

Since then, many have recognized the company as an excellent brand providing quality products for health and fitness.


The Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride 077S trainer is an upgraded version of the classic 077.

It helps develop your strength, leanness, and speed by promoting the compound movement to burn more calories.

  • Adjustable Handlebar

The adjustable handlebar of this squat home machine has four different length settings ensuring that it fits all users.

  • Adjustable Padded Seat

The seat measures 11.4 inches long, 7.5 inches wide, and 1.6 inches tall with extra cushion and padding.

These additions ensure that the glutes receive proper blood flow during extended and intense workouts.

  • Compound Exercises

You can also use this equipment for compound exercises, including proper squatting, bent-over row, deadlift, and incline chest press.

The saddle angle control of the machine lets you choose between 30, 60, and 90 degrees for a deeper squat position.

You can do the bent-over row by dismounting from the machine and pulling the seat to strengthen your back and biceps.

Doing deadlifts target the posterior chain muscles, including calves, core, glutes, and hamstrings.

You can perform the incline chest press by pressing the machine’s seat to challenge your core muscles, shoulders, and upper chest.

  • Digital Monitor

Conveniently track your progress as your workout data displays on the digital monitor screen.

You can view your time, count, total count, and calories.

  • Padded Handlebar

You can prevent having calluses as you use the padded handlebars of the Sunny Health & Fitness upright rowing machine.

  • Resistance Bands

The machine comes with three adjustable levels of resistance for added workout versatility.

Each resistance band will add around 22 pounds to the tension level.

  •  Textured Foot Pedal

It would be best if you had proper footing as you perform squats.

These Row-N-Hide textured and self-leveling foot pedals provide enough traction to keep you secure.


  • Provides full-body workout
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact design
  • Easy to store


  • Low resistance level for some
  • Confusing instruction manual

Which Compact Rowing Machine Is Best?

Sometimes we want a full-body workout at home but do not have enough floor space for gym equipment.

The best compact rowing machine is a perfect option for people with small spaces, and most of these rowers provide durability and effectiveness.

For this selection, we want to recommend the Sunny Health & Fitness Row-N-Ride rowing machine as the best option.

Although it does not have the usual low-seating design, we believe it can offer the training you need to strengthen your body.

We hope you find the best option to help you reach your fitness goals.

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