What Muscles Does an Ab Roller Work?

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An ab roller is a simple but effective tool for building various muscles. Many trainers, athletes, and anyone trying to build their muscles use it. It’s a wheel with rods attached on both sides for gripping as you train on it.

The ab roller is famous for building six-packs, but there are other muscles it can work. Read on and find out what this simple machine can do for your muscles.

Muscles Activated by Ab Rollers

Here is a list of muscle groups activated by ab rollers:

  • Rectus abdominis
  • Triceps
  • Hips
  • Latissimus dorsi
  • Shoulders

Why are Ab Rollers Effective

If you think building that six-pack shape will take you three days, then you’re mistaken. Building muscles, like everything else, requires time and effort. It would be best to do it right by extending yourself in a plank position. It may be painful, but it gets better once you use your muscles to get in fitness shape.

The plank position works with all your core muscles at once. This is why the ab roller is a practical workout accessory. It tightens your abs by targeting your hip flexor and rectus abdominis muscles. 

To complete the wheel exercise correctly, you must first strengthen your core muscles. You can start slowly to build up your muscles for a full stretch. Failure to do this may frustrate your workout expectation and even strain your muscles.

The rolling out aspect of the roller works your deltoids and lats, whereas the rolling in phase works your core strength. The muscle activity required for ab rollouts needs more than your core strength. Align your upper muscles, shoulders, and hand muscles appropriately for a successful rollout.

It would help if you had the power to control the motion of your flexors and shoulder muscles. There is also the part where you must balance on the wheel, which may be challenging yet effective.

Performing an Ab Wheel Rollout

You know that an ab roller may not be as simple as you thought. Sometimes you may need extra help from a trainer when you’re starting. Check the below stages when performing an ab wheel rollout.

Stability Ball Rollout 

This is the first stage. Here you follow these tips:

  • Kneel with your legs hip-width apart to commence. 
  • Place your elbows on the stability ball and tighten your muscles.
  • Slowly extend your arms as you slide forward. 
  • The ball will slide from just beneath you to directly in front of you.
  • Keep rolling the ball back and forth for 10 to 15 reps. If you can go beyond the 15 reps, add another set.
woman doing abdominal exercises with gymnastic roller

Kneeling Ab-Wheel Rollout

You are now in the 2nd stage. Follow the below steps.

  • Place your knees at hip-width on the mat. Check that your hands are securely clutching the wheel. 
  • Maintain a strong core and avoid bending your lower back. Then, roll the wheel as far as you can. 
  • Your arms must be outstretched and your chest pressed on the floor. To do this, you need a great deal of core strength to sustain your entire body weight.
  • Then roll the wheel below your body. Try not to give up if it seems impossible. You’ll notice your abs progressively getting toned if you can do 2-3 sets of 5-8 reps of this.
  • When you succeed in working out your abs every two days, you are good to go for the final stage.

Full Ab Rollout

This is the last stage and the toughest.

  • Here you begin with a complete push-up.
  • Try to maintain the wheel below your shoulders while in this position and carefully push the roller in front of your torso.
  • Then, return the wheel below your shoulders. This may feel impossible, but nothing good comes easily. If you don’t give up, your abs will be tight in no time.

Benefits of an Ab Roller Workout

Below are reasons why an ab roller can be your favorite workout tool.

  • The ab wheel movements work all of your upper body muscles, primarily the core, which involves your arms, shoulders, and back.
  • It strengthens and shapes the abdominal muscles. You don’t need a gym to get your six-pack shape. All you need is an ab roller, a mat, and space.
  • Ab roller training maintains good posture and balance, which increases your stamina and performance in everyday life. Train on an ab roller and strengthen your core to get rid of your lower back pain.
  • Anybody can train on an ab role, from a beginner to an expert, because of its adaptability.
  • You don’t need to stage a bank robbery to invest in an ab roller. It’s reasonably priced, portable, and super-efficient.


The ab roller is a modest piece of equipment that may significantly change your physique, specifically your abs. But avoid going headfirst into training with the roller without first developing the balance and stamina required to utilize it successfully. You’ll quickly notice stronger abs from exercising with the ab roller.

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