Best Ab Roller Wheel – Complete Reviews with Comparison

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It may look like a simple tool, but a well-constructed ab roller is welcome to any workout regimen. These pieces of equipment are usually lightweight and durable and give a comprehensive workout to one’s entire body. That’s why many people suggest investing in one.

But that suggestion comes with the task of deciding which one is the right option to invest in. To help out, we have collected a few of the best ab roller wheels on the market today and taken an in-depth look below.

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Ab Roller Wheel Reviews


The first ab wheel on the list comes from VINSGUIR and it’s designed to be used to build abdominal core strength quickly. This unique ab roller is crafted with many great features that make it an excellent option for many people.


This ab roller, which is intended for shrink training, is crafted with high-quality materials. The wheel surface is finished with a TPR soft rubber and the handles have a non-slip rubber cotton grip. Overall the unit weighs about 649 grams which means it’s lightweight but has a high weight capacity. This easy to set up ab roller is durable and user-friendly no matter the experience one has with this sort of workout equipment.

Because of its excellent design, it offers durability and ease of use. The ab roller is constructed with a wider wheel, making the equilibrium much smoother, especially when someone starts using this exercise equipment. The wide wheel also allows for an even distribution of weight which means that the weight capacity is higher than usual (up to 440 pounds).

On top of that, the last thing anyone wants to deal with is being uncomfortable using a piece of equipment. When the manufacturer created the handles, they ensured it to be an ergonomic fit. Because of this, there is less hand fatigue when using it. Those excellent benefits are wrapped into a compact design that allows easy storage when not in use.

But just because it is so well designed doesn’t mean that it is a perfect option. This is especially true if someone already has a pre-existing back condition. Most doctors would steer them away from investing in this type of equipment in that situation.

However, the size is compact and is perfect for someone who is looking for easy storage. 


  • Ab roller is crafted with a broader wheel
  • Designed to have a high weight capacity of up to 440 pounds
  • Crafted with an ergonomic handle for more comfortable use
  • The compact size makes it easy to store when not in use


  • Those with pre-existing back pain may find this a bad option
  • Some have found it to be too small in comparison to other ab rollers

Luyata Ab Roller Wheel

Looking at the next ab roller wheel would be just one part of this kit that shines. When investing in this particular ab roller wheel, one gets a wealth of other equipment that elevates the ab roller’s effectiveness and performance.


The roller itself is constructed using high-quality rubber and stainless steel components. Because of the stainless steel, it is a little heavier than other options, but this also affords it a higher weight capacity than many comprehensive ab rollers out there. The kit includes the ab roller, a knee mat, resistance bands, push-up bar grips, wrist wraps, stretch bands, a jump rope, and a guidebook. So this is a comprehensive investment that could elevate many people’s workout routine.

This kit is not only about the roller, though it is the best feature of the kit itself. This roller is designed using toxic-free materials and is durable, which means it can stand up to just about anything thrown at it. It is simple to put together, which means one can get started on building that core stamina and strength almost immediately.

One also gets multiple ergonomic resistant bands, a jump rope and knee pads, and many other features in this kit. That means that when anyone thinks about this investment they are putting into this ab roller, one can quickly see that they will get the biggest bang for their buck.

With that being said, the manufacturer should address a few issues. The first is that though it comes with a wealth of accessories, there is no storage bag to keep them in. This could limit the storage capability and transportability, which might be an issue for some. Also, while the handles are ergonomic, many have found they are not thick enough, which could lead to a bit of discomfort when using them.


  • Roller also comes with multiple ergonomic resistant bands
  • Kit features a jump rope as well as knee pads for increased usability
  • The roller is designed with durable and toxic-free materials
  • Unit is easy to put together so that one can get started quickly


  • Roller does not come with a storage bag
  • Some found the handles are not thick enough to be comfortably used

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver

For anyone looking for a bit more high performance, finding an ab carver with a spring resistance can be the ticket. This model makes a workout a more comprehensive and a full-body adventure. 


This ab carver from Perfect Fitness is crafted with an ultra-wide wheel and finished with built-in resistance and ergonomic handles. This allows an enhanced kinetic engine for more resistance to amplify one’s workout. The wheel itself is designed with high-quality features to improve stability and comfort when using. Overall, the model is packed with high-quality plastic that brings it in under 5 pounds. 

This ab roller is a simple design. Crafted with an ultrawide wheel tread to ensure that the design is more ergonomic, it adds many benefits to full-body workouts. That wheel is also crafted with high-quality materials and the width allows for more stability. Inside that wheel, though, is a carbon steel spring that helps with resistance, elevating the results anyone can get from utilizing this piece of equipment.

Along with the ab carver, you will also receive a foam knee pad. This elevates the usability and makes working out with the wheel a little more comfortable. That, coupled with the fact that there is a one-year warranty, means that the investment will pay dividends, which most people want when spending their hard-earned money.

But even though this is an excellent option for most people, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed before one can make any final decision. The first is that many find that the handles are too narrow if you have larger hands. This might affect one’s overall performance on the carver and lead to potential injuries. There is also the fact that it is pricier than other options, so if they are working with a tight budget, it might not be a good purchase.


  • Ultra-wide wheel tread gives the roller a more ergonomic design
  • Designed with a carbon steel spring for improved resistance
  • It comes with a foam knee pad for more comfortable use
  • The roller comes with a one-year warranty


  • The handles are narrow, especially for those with larger hands
  • Some may find the roller a bit on the pricey side

Sports Research Ab Wheel

This ab roller is a 3-inch wheel crafted with high-quality materials and a simple design. The inclusion of high-quality materials and simple design makes it quite the investment for just about anybody, whether a beginner or a more experienced person.


The designers opted to go with a simple design, starting with a 3-inch wheel. This thickness is wider than many of the other ab rollers. This elevates the stability and gives more flexibility of movement leading to more comprehensive workouts. The unit is crafted with an ergonomically designed grip so that one can be comfortable when using it.

These handles are the first thing that many people notice. That is partly because they are ergonomically designed and super comfortable, but also removable. This allows the roller to be easily transported from place to place and stored without much effort. Those handles are attached to a broader wheel, as we said above, giving the unit a heightened level of stability.

But the unit itself is not the only great thing that comes when investing in this ab roller. Along with those two things, one will also get an easy-to-follow user guide, which is excellent if one is a beginner. Also coming with this roller is a comfortable knee pad. This is included so that the user has a reduced chance of any injuries, and that is always a welcome addition.

Though there are many things to rave about when it comes to this ab roller, a few issues could stand to be adjusted. The first is that the outer wheel edges are curved, not flat, which might make it challenging for some and uncomfortable. Also, though it is nice that there is an addition of the knee pads, many people have found that the durability and quality don’t stand up quite as long as the actual roller itself.


  • The roller is designed with removable handles for increased portability and storage
  • The inclusion of the extra-wide wheel heightens stability
  • It comes with a user’s guide so that even a beginner can understand how to utilize the tool
  • Comfortable knee pads are included so that there is a reduced chance of injuries


  • The outer wheel edges are curved, not flat, which might be uncomfortable for some
  • Some have found the quality of the knee pads to be less than stellar


The last ab roller wheel on the list comes from HARISON and it’s designed to target the lower abs. Crafted with many excellent materials and simple features, it is a welcome addition to any gym. 


This model is crafted utilizing a mixture of alloy steel and rubber. This combination allows it to have a higher weight capacity (up to 800 pounds). That, of course, does mean that it weighs a little bit more, and it comes in at 5 pounds. Utilizing a curved handlebar style designed for its handles optimizes a comfortable grip and makes it easy to hold for longer durations.

The mixture of materials used in this construction is durable, which allows for a higher weight capacity. This means that it is more versatile and used more than many other models. The curved handles discussed above are finished with excellent cushy material for improved grip and comfort.

It is easy to put together straight from the box, which reduces the time between getting it and getting started on reaching those goals of ab perfection. Though it is heavier than other models, it is also lightweight enough and designed to fold so that it can take up limited space when one is traveling. This also makes it a great addition because it’s easy to store away when done for the day.

Though there are models of ab rollers that one can use on any carpet, this model is not one of them. It can be used on a lower profile carpet, but it will not work well with anything plush. The only other flaw in this system is that the instruction manual that comes with the roller is not very comprehensive nor easy to understand.


  • The roller is crafted with durable materials to stand up to high weight capacity
  • Handles are nice and comfy for a good grip
  • Quick assembly makes it almost a plug and play style piece of workout equipment
  • Lightweight and foldable to take up limited space


  • May not work on plush carpeting or finer carpeting
  • Some have found the instruction manual that comes with it to be less than comprehensive

Final Thoughts

Investing in an ab roller is a must for those workout enthusiasts looking for an addition to their comprehensive workout regimen, mainly focusing on core strength and stamina. The models above are some of the best ab roller wheels today. We hope that these in-depth looks have helped with any decision-making process that has to be made.

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