Best Foldable Rowing Machine of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Exercise rowers are excellent indoor fitness devices that provide a full-body workout but are easy on the joints.

This piece of equipment strengthens and tones the muscles in the upper body, helping improve your cardiovascular health.

Typically, traditional rowing machines are a good buy, but if you don’t have the space to spare, you can opt for the best foldable rowing machine.

It is a convenient piece of exercise equipment you can use at home along with other fitness items like kettlebells, ab rollers, etc.

Best Foldable Rowing Machine Reviews

1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5801 Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness team believes anyone should have access to a healthy lifestyle and an excellent user experience at an affordable price.

Since 2002, this US-based company has been offering a wide range of high-quality strength and cardio workout equipment for all types of health enthusiasts.

One good example is the SF-RW5801 Synergy Power Motion.


The SF-RW5801 Synergy Power Motion from Sunny Health & Fitness has numerous useful features to help increase your fitness level.

  • Foldable Design With Wheels

Can a rowing machine fit small apartments with limited space? The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5801 certainly can.

The convenient design of this compact rower machine allows you to fold it upright for easy storage.

It even has built-in transportation wheels, making it easy to move the rowing device from the hiding space to the workout space.

This Sunny folding rowing machine measures 36.3 x 23 x 47 inches when folded and stored upright.

  • Steel Slide Rail and Floor Stabilizers

The steel slide rail measures 43 inches long with an inseam length of 43.5 inches. As such, it may not be suitable for tall people.

Nevertheless, you’ll like that its heavy-duty and durable frame has a max user weight capacity of 285 pounds.

Adjustable rubber end caps act as floor stabilizers, providing balance to the equipment, especially on uneven surfaces.

They also protect the floor from possible scratches.

  • Magnetic Tension

This magnetic rower features 16 resistance range levels for a versatile and challenging workout experience.

Its low impact exercise and smooth resistance results in silent strokes in every pull, suitable for both beginners and advanced rowers.

  • Wide Padded Seat

The well-cushioned seat of this Sunny rower has an ergonomic design and measures 15 x 11.5 x 2 inches.

Because of its overall construction, it offers sufficient comfort while you work out.

  • Pivoting Pedals and Textured Handlebar

Exercise your quads while moving your legs on the non-slip pivoting pedals with adjustable foot straps for a secure ride.

The oversized foot levers move with your feet, supporting a powerful push to stimulate your leg muscles.

Moreover, the textured and padded handle of the Sunny rower makes it slip-resistant, ensuring a secure grip even during intense rowing sessions.

  • LCD Monitor

Though this reliable machine does not have a touchscreen display, you can keep track of your stats and workout duration on its easy-to-read digital monitor.

Set your goal-based workouts depending on calories, distance, stroke, and time.

  • Device and Bottle Holders

A mobile or tablet holder is on top of the flywheel, allowing you to watch fitness videos from the SunnyFit app.

What’s more, you can keep yourself hydrated by placing your favorite refreshing drink in the bottle holder, strategically positioned for easy reach while working out.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to move and assemble
  • Stable
  • Smooth and quiet ride


  • Not for tall people
  • No distance tracking option

2. JKANGFIT H640 Folding Rowing Machine

JKANGFIT was established in 2010, designing and selling home gym equipment, including exercise bikes, rowing machines, and other indoor fitness devices.

From its humble beginnings, the brand has grown into a professional company that produces high-quality home cardio machines.

The company follows the “Quality First, Customer Foremost” principle.

It focuses on after-sales service, product development, and quality control, strengthening consumer confidence.

You will see all of these in the JKANGFIT H640.


Improve your overall body power and cardiovascular fitness through strength training with the H640 foldable rower, available at a reasonable price.

  • Foldable Design With Wide Ribbon

The JKANGFIT is a compact rowing machine perfect for apartments and tiny houses. Its foldable design requires minimal storage space.

Moreover, the flat and wide durable webbing comes from high-quality nylon material, providing a stable, quiet, and smooth ride.

This rowing machine is 74 inches long and weighs 61 pounds. Its slide rail measures 48 inches, providing plenty of leg room while allowing you a full range of motion.

The machine has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds and can accommodate taller people up to 6’3″.

  • Adjustable Feet

It also comes with adjustable feet for keeping the balance of the rowing machine, ensuring it stays stable even on uneven surfaces.

  • Quiet Seat Movement

The smooth seat movement of this rowing machine has minimal noise and will not disturb your household, allowing you to train at any time.

Plus, it has a wide seat measuring 14.5 x 11 x 2 inches, ensuring your comfort during training.

  • Magnetic Resistance Levels

This solid machine offers 16 adjustable levels of tension using the magnetic resistance type designed for home use.

It is a fitness machine ideal for the whole family, whether they are new to the field or experienced rowers.

  • Non-slip Handlebars and Foot Pedals

The H640 rowing machine is fitted with foam-wrapped, anti-slip grip handlebars, ensuring comfort even for an extended workout period.

With its large footrest and adjustable Velcro straps, you can be sure your feet will stay in place as you push and pull during your workout.

  • LCD Monitor and Device Holder

Keeping an eye on your fitness progress allows you to maintain focus, so reaching your training goals becomes more manageable.

The large LCD monitor screen shows your current fitness metrics, including calories burned, counts, meters, strokes per minute, and time.

You will also find a smartphone holder for holding your tablet so that you can watch your favorite shows or listen to music while exercising.

  • Warranty

JKANGFIT offers free replacement of its rowing machine parts for one year. You only need to contact the customer service team for assistance.


  • Low noise
  • Sturdy construction
  • Smooth glide
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to store


  • Has minimal difference with tension levels
  • Leaks oil

3. HouseFit Skyline Nature Water Rower

The HouseFit brand is renowned for its versatile medium to high-quality products. In fact, it has been famous across Europe and the Middle East since 1991.

Its line includes affordable fitness equipment for commercial and home use, such as cardio, group training, and strength products.

Among its proud creations is the HouseFit Skyline Nature.


The Skyline Nature is a water rowing machine designed for home use. Even with plenty of exciting and useful features, it remains budget-friendly.

  • Durable Build

The solid wood design ensures you have a real boat outdoor rowing experience in the comfort of your home.

It uses 100% natural, solid, and textured wood materials, providing excellent elasticity, corrosion, and moisture resistance.

  • Foldable Design With Wheels

The foldable design of this HouseFit rowing machine makes it easy to assemble right out of the box as well as convenient to store.

Moreover, the heavy-duty movable wheels attached to the equipment ease transportation from one room to another.

  • Excellent Motion Track

HouseFit uses Eight-Axis and Dual-Track motion technology to simulate the rowing boat situation efficiently.

What’s more, these motion tracks provide excellent shock absorption, smooth glide, and stability to your rowing machine.

  • Water Tank

The HouseFit rower has a high-quality polycarbonate water tank, providing excellent erosion resistance and high transmittance.

Polycarbonate is a durable material used in making bulletproof glass and aircraft windshields.

  • Cushioned Seat

This HouseFit Skyline Nature model comes with a broad and well-cushioned seat, providing incredible comfort during your workout session.

  • Resistance Levels

Rowing can effectively build muscle while enhancing coordination, explosiveness, and muscle strength.

Moreover, it will also help sculpt your back, hips, legs, and waist through constant rowing workouts.

That said, you can only achieve this if you are comfortable during your workouts.

This rowing machine features 16 water resistance levels evenly distributed among the surrounding paddles.

As a result, you get a well-balanced and comfortable rowing experience every time.

Effectively increase your endurance with the magnetic 12-pound flywheel for a smooth, low-impact workout.

  • Non-Slip Footplates and Handlebar

Another feature that adds to your comfort is the non-slip foot pedals. It has adjustable straps to keep your feet secured and stable while rowing.

Besides the foot pedals, you will like the foam-covered handlebar.

It has an ergonomic non-slip design that is comfortable to hold, minimizing hand strain.

  • LCD Digital Monitor

You can easily track your workout performance on the machine’s LCD digital monitor. It shows calories, distance, strokes, SPM, and time.

Also, choosing the scan mode allows you to see your progress in sequence, making it more convenient to reach your fitness goal.

If that’s not enough, this rowing machine is fitted with a device holder for your mobile phone or tablet to make your workout session more enjoyable.

  • App Control

You can enjoy interactive personal training sessions using the FitShow App. It is a free fitness app you can download on Android or iOS devices.

  • Product Guarantee

HouseFit’s 24-hour customer service team is always ready to assist its consumers with any concern.

Also, the brand offers total unit replacement within a month after purchase and free parts replacement for a year.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Glides smoothly
  • Stable
  • Aesthetically impressive
  • Provides a solid workout


  • Can’t tighten the device on the holder
  • Foot straps won’t stay locked

4. Pooboo H716 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Pooboo has been designing and developing various fitness equipment for over 20 years.

The brand offers premium exercise bikes, elliptical machines, rowing machines, and treadmills.

If you’re looking for a rower you can use at home, the Pooboo H716 is an excellent pick.


The Pooboo H716 magnetic rowing machine boasts different resistance levels, an easy-to-use monitor, and other impressive features.

All these features will ensure you get a good workout while also enjoying your me-time.

  • Compact Build

This Pooboo magnetic rowing machine measures 68 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 33 inches tall.

When it comes time to tuck it away, this fitness equipment folds down to 23.6 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 48 inches tall.

  • Long Steel Slide Rail

The rower uses high-quality ball bearings to ensure smooth and quiet movement and has a maximum user weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.

The slide rail measures 48 inches with an inseam of 44 inches, making it suitable even for tall users up to 6’4″.

  • Foldable Design With Wheels

The unique foldable design of this magnetic rowing machine allows you to store it in a standing position to save space.

It has built-in transportation wheels, allowing you to move the machine from one room to another quickly and easily.

Despite being foldable, the Pooboo H716 remains easy to assemble. The package comes with complete parts, hardware, and detailed instructions for assembly.

  • Silent Magnetic Resistance

You can enjoy a smooth and comfortable workout experience indoors using this silent magnetic rowing machine from Pooboo.

A simple twist of the adjustment dial allows you to choose from 16 levels of resistance, depending on your selected workout programs.

Its adjustable resistance levels make it an ideal piece of fitness equipment for both beginners and more experienced rowers.

Each tension level lets you experience a full-body workout, building and strengthening different muscle groups in your body.

  • Floor Stabilizers

Rowing machines support numerous weights, thus the need for stability.

The flywheel’s decent weight is essential in keeping this rowing equipment stable.

Apart from the flywheel weight, this fitness machine also has adjustable floor stabilizers to keep it balanced on uneven surfaces.

  • Cushioned Seat

The extra-large seat of the Pooboo rower boasts an ergonomic cushion, making your rowing sessions more convenient and comfortable.

In addition, it features an angled seat rail, reinforcing the leg push and accelerating the recovery phase of the rowing stroke.

  • Adjustable Pedals

This rowing machine’s non-slip adjustable foot pedals and straps will ensure your feet stay safe and secure during workout sessions.

  • Multifunction LCD Monitor

With the digital display monitor, you can easily track your progress and reach fitness goals.

It records calories burned, count, distance, meters, total stroke count, and time.

For even more convenience, a handy device holder is placed in front of the LCD monitor.

  • After-Sales Service

Pooboo offers the best after-sales service for all its fitness equipment, providing maintenance guidance, free replacement, and return.

For any questions and concerns, you can expect an email response from the company’s customer service team within 24 hours.


  • Glides quietly and smoothly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact size
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy tension adjustment
  • Ideal for larger people


  • Inconvenient device holder location
  • Weak foot straps

5. NordicTrack RW600 Smart Rower

NordicTrack is known for its devices that support good personal training in the comfort of home.

Its line of products includes different types of fitness equipment, apps, programs, and smart features.

One of the brand’s newest innovations is this RW600 Smart Rower from NordicTrack, bringing you an interactive personal training experience.


Here are features that make the RW600 Smart Rower stand out from the competition.

  • Foldable Design With Wheels

The space-saving design of the NordicTrack allows folding the rower for storage in tight spaces.

Its built-in wheels make it easy to move, while its folding mechanism provides the perfect option for those with limited space in their home.

This sleek-looking machine measures 47.24 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and 87 inches long.

All health enthusiasts weighing 250 pounds and below can enjoy the benefits of the NordicTrack Smart Rower.

  • Multiple Resistance Levels

The NordicTrack Smart Rower has 26 digital tension options with one-touch resistance control.

The iFit app allows your trainer to auto-adjust the resistance level, providing a hands-off workout experience.

With its Silent Magnetic Resistance system, you can perform your workout programs at home without disturbing anyone.

Moreover, this rowing machine uses a different air resistance system and magnetic type.

  • Gliding Seat

The rower features an ergonomic custom-molded seat.

Its ergonomic design allows it to glide on the sturdy steel rail consistently, quietly, and smoothly.

  • Adjustable Foot Straps

The adjustable foot straps on this smart rower let you lock your feet in place, providing support and stability in every stroke.

These straps are connected to pivoting ergonomic pedals, following your body’s natural movement.

  • 10-inch HD Touchscreen

This engaging, interactive display console allows you to watch iFit workout videos.

What’s more, it features an adjustable console angle for different training options. Overall, it helps provide an immersive experience during your workout sessions.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Listen to your favorite music while working out by connecting your device to the machine.

You will also find dual two-inch speakers as an additional feature for this smart rowing machine.

  • iFit Family Membership

Purchasing the NordicTrack Smart Rower gives you a 30-day iFit Family Membership with live-streaming fitness classes and on-demand workout videos.

Enjoy Studio Classes and Global Workouts on your smart rower, together with four other users you are allowed to add to your iFit membership.

Using your smart rowing machine, you can join high-powered cross-training programs for a full-body workout.

Moreover, the Automatic Trainer Control feature allows the iFit trainer to adjust your incline, resistance, and speed.

  • Warranty

This rowing machine is protected by various warranties, including 10 years for the stable frame, two years on parts, and one year on labor.


  • Solid build quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has hybrid resistance
  • Quiet operation
  • Comfortable to use


  • Slow startup
  • Expensive

Which Foldable Rowing Machine Tops the List?

Foldable rowing machines are excellent indoor exercise equipment that are easy to store and require minimal storage space.

Of the five best foldable rowing machine models, the rower from Sunny Health & Fitness is the most compact.

However, if you want built-in advanced features, check out the NordicTrack Smart Rower.

You can choose any option from our choices as long as you know what you need in a rowing machine.

Overall, these five rowing machine models provide an excellent full-body workout for novice and experienced rowers.

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