Best Compact Elliptical Machines of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

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Not many of us are fortunate enough to have a spare room we can turn into a home gym. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to stop you from having your own workout space.

Even with just a set of good-quality kettlebells and the best compact elliptical machine, you can start your fitness journey on the right track.

To help with that, we’ll look at five smaller, but feature-packed ellipticals we think are worth investing in.

Best Compact Elliptical Machine Reviews

1. Schwinn Fitness 411

The Schwinn Fitness 411 is a compact cardio machine that boasts the features of larger models.

Measuring just ‎53.8 x 24 x 62.5 inches, it has an impressive 18-inch stride length and a 300-pound max user weight capacity.

With this elliptical within reach, you can have a full-body workout even if you live in a small condo.


The Schwinn Fitness 411 combines the power of a steel frame and a magnetic resistance mechanism.

Although it’s pricier than the other options, its long list of useful features more than makes up for its price.

Aside from its space-saving design and long stride, here’s what you can expect from the Schwinn Fitness 411:

  • 16 Resistance Levels

Despite being smaller in size, the Schwinn Fitness 411 lets you choose from 16 levels of resistance.

This way, you can easily adjust the intensity of your cardio workouts to match your fitness goals.

  • Dual Handlebars With Pulse Sensors

The Schwinn Fitness 411 has both moving and stationary handlebars to ensure your comfort and safety while working out.

Moreover, the fixed handlebars have pulse sensors so that you can monitor your heart rate.

  • Convenient Console

To help make sure you are meeting your workout goals, this fitness machine has its own performance console built in.

It keeps track and displays your speed, distance, time, calories burned, and heart rate.

Aside from that, it has many workout programs you can follow to meet your goals, whether weight loss or muscle building.

  • Built-in Device Holder and Water Bottle Holder

If you like watching videos while exercising, you will like that this compact machine has a device holder.

There’s also a water bottle holder so that you can remember to hydrate before, during, and after your sessions.


  • Well-constructed frame and arms
  • Works smoothly and quietly
  • Has plenty of convenient features
  • Good value for money
  • Pairs with the Explore the World app


  • Assembly can take a long time
  • Console doesn’t have good backlighting

2. EFITment E006 Magnetic Elliptical Machine

Measuring 50 x 23.5 x 62 inches, the EFITment E006 is close in size to the Schwinn Fitness 411.

However, it has a shorter stride length of 13 inches and a lower max weight capacity of 220 pounds.

If these numbers are what you’re looking for, we are confident you won’t regret investing in this cardio machine.


Even if you’re short on floor space, you won’t have difficulty finding a spot for the EFITment E006.

That said, this fitness machine doesn’t lack essential features despite its more compact size.

  • Belt-Driven Flywheel

You’ll like that this elliptical trainer runs on a belt-driven flywheel for a low-impact cardio workout that won’t harm your joints.

Use it to have a total-body workout without fear of hurting your knees or ankles. It is also whisper-quiet and virtually maintenance-free.

  • 8 Levels of Resistance

For a solid workout experience, the EFITment E006 has eight magnetic resistance settings you can switch between.

You can do this by simply twisting the tension knob to dial the intensity up or down, depending on your current fitness level.

  • Non-Slip Pedals and Center Handlebars

If you’re worried about safety, this elliptical trainer has oversized, textured foot pedals that help prevent your feet from slipping.

Moreover, it has fixed handlebars at the center so that you can maintain your balance even during intense workouts.

  • Hand Pulse Sensors

Aside from keeping you steady, the fixed bars have built-in heart rate monitors.

This way, you’ll know when you’ve reached your target maximum heart rate for cardio endurance or fat burning.

  • Digital Display

Another feature that helps track your exercise metrics is the LCD monitor, which shows your pulse rate, calories burned, distance, speed, and time.

With these data, you can be sure you are not just meeting your goals but also surpassing them.

  • Integrated Tablet Holder

If your workout routine involves zoning out while watching movies or fitness videos, the EFITment E006 is perfect for you.

This exercise equipment has a device holder where you can set up your smartphone or tablet.

  • Leg Stabilizers + Transport Wheels

The EFITment E006 has adjustable floor levelers to keep the machine even, preventing it from swaying, rocking, or tipping.

What’s more, the built-in transportation wheels will make it almost effortless if you find it necessary to move it elsewhere.


  • Easy to move
  • Sturdy build
  • Designed to last many years
  • No squeaks or odd noises
  • Perfect for smaller spaces


  • Short stride
  • Not for taller people

3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3911

The Sunny Health & Fitness brand has been a trusted manufacturer of quality home gym equipment for over 20 years.

In fact, you will find that regular gym-goers and personal trainers swear by their products’ premium quality.

Among their latest offerings is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3911, a budget elliptical machine surprisingly packed with advanced features.

It is smaller than what you’re used to, measuring 42 x 23 x 60.5 inches and having a nine-inch short but smooth stride.

Still, it can accommodate users with up to a max weight capacity of 220 pounds.


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3911 is not your ordinary elliptical trainer.

All its features were carefully put together to ensure an effective workout experience that will help burn calories and tone your muscles.

  • Adjustable Stride

What makes the SF-E3911 stand out is its adjustable stride lengths, which you can extend vertically (seven inches) and horizontally (five inches).

Through this unique feature, you’d be able to work on the muscle groups in your lower body, including the hamstrings, glutes, and quads.

  • Digital Monitor

Enjoying the full cardio benefits of this compact trainer is easier because of the display monitor.

Since it lets you know the time, calories burned, speed, and distance, you can ensure you meet your workout goals.

  • 8-Level Adjustable Resistance

As you continue using this machine, you will feel it getting easier and easier with every smooth stride.

To make sure your workouts are aligned to your goals, it has eight levels of resistance you can choose from.

  • Device Tray + Bottle Holder

Compact elliptical trainers don’t always have convenience features like these, but the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3911 certainly does.

With the device holder, you’d have no problems securing your smartphone or tablet as you watch videos while working out.

In addition, the bottle holder ensures you have easy access to clean, drinking water during vigorous workout sessions.

  • Floor Stabilizers + Transportation Wheels

Whether you have carpeted, wooden, or vinyl flooring, you’d find it easy to level and balance this exercise machine because it has floor stabilizers.

Moving it from one spot to another or stowing it away for storage is also not a problem, thanks to the built-in wheels.


  • Easy to put together
  • Sturdy and well made
  • Has a small floor footprint
  • Makes working out more fun


  • Shorter stride lengths
  • Foot pads are a bit smaller

4. Exerpeutic 2000XL Magnetic Elliptical

The Exerpeutic 2000XL may look like it’s a large elliptical, but it’s not. In fact, it measures almost the same as the Schwinn Fitness 411 at 54 x 23 x 63 inches.

The gold, black, and orange color combination of this fitness machine makes it a visually-appealing addition to any home gym.

That said, it offers more than just its looks. You will find that it’s packed with useful features you’d want in an at-home elliptical trainer.


For compact-sized elliptical trainers, another option worth looking into is the Exerpeutic 2000XL.

It has a sleek and modern design, so it won’t take away from the beauty of your workout room.

  • Durable Build and Strong Flywheel

Compared to cheap elliptical options, the Exerpeutic 2000XL can support a natural stride with no bouncy movements.

The frame is made of heavy-duty steel, so it’s no surprise that it can accommodate users as heavyweight as 300 pounds.

To account for ceiling height, make sure to add a minimum of 21 inches to the tallest person who will use the machine.

  • 8 Adjustable Resistance Levels

Having a mini elliptical does not mean easier workouts where you won’t even break a sweat.

On the contrary, the Exerpeutic 2000XL has eight adjustable resistance levels that allow you to set how challenging the workout is.

  • LCD Screen

To know whether you are meeting your target metrics, the Exerpeutic 2000XL has its own display monitor that shows calories burned, distance, time, and speed.

You will also know your active heart rate, which is measured by the pulse sensors on the fixed handlebars.

  • Compatibility With MyCloudFitness

You can connect the Exerpeutic 2000XL to the MyCloudFitness app for more exercise tracking features.

It works with iOS and Android devices, letting you set workout goals and record your performance data on your phone.


  • Easy to put away for storage
  • Does not wobble when in use
  • No strange noises
  • Sturdy and solid build
  • Great value for the price


  • Assembly takes a long time
  • Some parts need regular lubrication

5. Doufit EM-01 Elliptical Machine

Can’t find the time to go to the gym? You can get a good workout at home with the Doufit EM-01.

Measuring 34 x 20 x 62 inches, it is just the right size for home gyms but still offers the same level of quality.


The Doufit EM-01 can be your exercise buddy if you don’t like driving to your local gym daily.

From losing weight to toning your muscles, it can give you a complete workout experience without the risk of joint pains.

  • Upgraded Design

Doufit upgraded the design of the EM-01, giving it a sturdier and steadier main pipe.

The body is made of strong steel and can carry a user weighing 250 pounds and five to 5.9 feet tall.

  • Large But Silent Flywheel

Aside from durability, Doufit understands the importance of having a quiet machine you can use in a small space.

This is where the large but silent flywheel comes in. It works smoothly and quietly, allowing you to work out without disturbing others.

  • 8 Magnetic Resistance Levels

To ensure you get the right workout intensity level for your body, the Doufit EM-01 offers eight levels of magnetic resistance.

You can adjust your training intensity by simply twisting the knob.

  • Simple Display With Plenty of Functions

It might look simple and old-school, but the functional display does many things. It’s where you will find your speed, virtual distance, time, calories burned, and heart rate.

With this much exercise data available, you can easily check whether your fitness program is working or not.

It also means making changes to your routine becomes easier.

  • Bottle Holder

Among the additional features of the EM-01 is the water bottle holder. With your drink within reach, you can rehydrate without having to stop your training.

  • Convenient Transport Wheels

If you like changing things up and setting up your workout spot in various parts of the house, the EM-01 can help make that happen.

This cardio equipment has a set of transport wheels, allowing you to move it easily.

Moreover, it arrives partially assembled, so you won’t waste time setting it up after delivery.

  • Good Warranty Coverage

When you buy the Doufit EM-01, you will also receive 1-year warranty coverage. The company also has a friendly technical support team you can contact online.


  • Easy to assemble and move around
  • Quiet and smooth movements
  • Has sturdy foot pedals
  • Simple design
  • Overall good quality for the price


  • Shorter stride
  • Squeaks after some time

Which Is the Best Compact Elliptical?

You will find a long list of elliptical options on the market, but the best compact elliptical machine is hard to come by.

After all, size is just one factor you have to consider. You must also check for each feature, weight capacity, and price.

From this list, we think the Schwinn Fitness 411 ticks all the right boxes and then some.

It’s compact enough for smaller spaces but has advanced features that will help you enjoy your fitness journey.

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