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To make your Workout Nirvana online program easy, fun, convenient to follow, I’ve partnered with to give you a full Pro Membership. Here’s what you’ll get along with your program:

  • Workout Nirvana Schedule & Receive Workout Reminders: You will be able to schedule the workout program on your calendar and will automatically receive workout reminders every day you have a scheduled workout.
  • Easy Logging with Scheduled Workouts: Your scheduled workouts will automatically come up within your workout logger making it very easy for you to see your workout for the day and log your progress.
  • Available on the web, iOS, & Android devices: The workout program will be available on all of the apps allowing you to take your workout into the gym with you on your phone for easy viewing and logging.
  • Printable Workouts: If you still like taking a piece of paper into the gym, you will have access to the printable version of the entire workout program and individual workouts.
  • Automatically Track Progress, Records, and Totals: You will receive your own personal profile where your logged workouts will automatically track your progress, records, and overall totals.
  • Video Exercise Demonstrations: If you do not know how to do an exercise, don’t worry. You will have an exercise video demonstration for every exercise within the workout program. I’ll also include notes to help you rock your workouts.

This quick video explains how works:

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