Training After A Mastectomy

Check out my articles about strength training after a mastectomy. While I’m not a doctor and cannot offer personalized advice to non-clients, I’m happy to answer general questions.

My Story

A Journey Continued: My Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

In my Q&A series I wrote about my progress and recovery at the end of each post.

Strength Training After A Mastectomy

My Post-Mastectomy At-Home Training Routine

Strength Training After A Mastectomy

Eyes On The Prize ( (Eating for Your Goals) Parts 1, 2, and 3

5 Tips for Returning to Strength Training After a Mastectomy

From Surgery to Fit: Reconstructing Program for Mastectomy Clients (my article in

Mindset and Mastectomy

How I Learned To Love The End Goal

Why Comparing Ourselves Is A Losing Game

There Has To Be A First Time

I’m Not So Strong – I Just Got F*cking Goals, See?

Reconstructive Surgery, Recovery, and Training

Post-Reconstruction Comeback Workout

How to Strength Train After A Mastectomy

Starting Over After A Training Layoff: One Year Later

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