Make Your Triceps Your Best Feature

The jiggle under the arms is one of the biggest complaints women have about their bodies. If you can learn to love training your triceps, you can get rid of this problem. If you grudgingly huff through the motions with triceps exercises, well, I’m sorry… You may not get the results you want. Think of attacking the jiggle under your arms as just that – getting tough and ruthless. You have a seriously intimidating weapon, which I will tell you {Read More…}

A Secret Weapon for Challenging your Muscles

My triceps were so sore from my workout last week that I wanted to share what I did differently. I usually work shoulders first and I did so last Monday too. So what gave my triceps such a workout? First I did dumbbell one-armed triceps extensions. These are incredibly challenging if you use enough weight. I could only do 8 reps for 3 sets. Second I did triceps pushdowns at the cable station. I think this is where I really {Read More…}

Workout Swap #2: High-Intensity Weights Routine

I love mixing up my weight training routine and rarely ever do the same exact thing twice. I make small tweaks, such as the grip, the amount of weight, or the order of the exercises, and I constantly change up the exercises themselves. I also mix it up by using techniques such as negatives, supersets, and drop sets. I’ve seen incredible results from weight training – not only do I feel strong and energetic, but I’ve seen great muscle definition {Read More…}

Heavy-Duty Routines for Standout Triceps

Everyone wants to have rockin’ arms, including me. Sure, weight lifting makes you feel strong, inside and out. But a lot of people also love to look at rockin’ arms. I posted my favorite shoulder workout recently, so now I think it’s time to talk about building your triceps. That jiggly triceps thing is something that just happens – unless you lift weights and get lean with clean eating. But there’s one catch: You have to lift heavy. No Barbie weights {Read More…}