3 Powerful Mindset Shifts for Achieving an Enviable Physique

You’re pumped and your motivation is high. This time you’ll lose the weight. This time you’ll build muscle you can be proud of. If this is all you’ve got, you’ll fail. Why? Because mindset. A powerful mindset is a long-term pattern of thinking that leads to success, not just initial excitement that inevitably wears off. A powerful mindset is required to get to your goals. And mindset is often completely ignored in fitness/nutrition programs. When you feel powerfully successful every day, you’ll get powerful results. High hopes and feeling {Read More…}

Beat Weight Room Boredom with Cable Supersets

I’ve talked about the benefits of supersets but sometimes we need a fresh kick in the pants to challenge ourselves (or just a fresh workout). Sure, supersets can overload your muscles, save time and help break us out plateaus. But as with anything, supersets (two exercises back to back without rest) can become boring and routine if repeated relentlessly. That’s why a little creativity goes a long way. (In case you didn’t know, you can be creative with your workouts. They can be fun!) {Read More…}

Full-Body Workouts for Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat

Training each muscle using a split routine (in addition to a clean diet) provides highly satisfying results, especially if you’re into crazy muscle definition and hypertrophy. It’s also a sweet deal if you’re into hours of hammering your shoulders, legs, or back (or whatever muscle) with specific (and sometimes isolated) movements. But a big drawback of using a split routine is the time involved; spending six hours a week on hypertrophy alone simply isn’t feasible for many. If you’re trying {Read More…}

Workout Swap #2: High-Intensity Weights Routine

I love mixing up my weight training routine and rarely ever do the same exact thing twice. I make small tweaks, such as the grip, the amount of weight, or the order of the exercises, and I constantly change up the exercises themselves. I also mix it up by using techniques such as negatives, supersets, and drop sets. I’ve seen incredible results from weight training – not only do I feel strong and energetic, but I’ve seen great muscle definition {Read More…}

Fast and Intense: Quick Workouts for Real Results

You’ve got 30 minutes to work out and you want to lift weights and maybe squeeze in some cardio. Are you ready to get pumped? Because shorter workouts mean higher intensity!* As I said in my post about compound movements and 30-minute workouts, you can do a traditional weights routine and still see results over time. You can always increase the weight or reps or decrease your rest time. But if you’re ready for some variety and major time savings, {Read More…}

30 Minutes is All You Need to Lift Weights

A friend recently decided to get back into weight lifting after facing the major time crunch of having a toddler, a teenager, and a job. She wanted very much to get back into weights and regain that cut look, but time seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. Lack of time has got to be the number one reason many people get out of the weight lifting groove or never venture in despite the many benefits. My friend drives past the gym {Read More…}