Vanity Rocks! Let Weights Lift You Up

Vanity rocks. I tweeted this a few months ago and knew it could be misinterpreted. But the response I got from a few women told me they understood. I love the word vanity. It’s filled with negative connotations, but I’ve taken ownership of it and changed its meaning. This word represents everything weight training has given me. And once you have healthy vanity, it changes your life forever. You can not go back. Vanity and weight lifting go together so {Read More…}

That Gnawing Feeling: Are you Blocked from Progressing?

You met a major goal in the past year: You lost a lot of weight, you got back into working out, you changed your diet, you ran a marathon. It is life changing and glorious to have accomplished something big. But how about that under-the-surface gnawing you feel right now? Is this where you’re going to stop?  How long has it been since you reassessed where you are? If you’re not still growing in your fitness or diet goals then {Read More…}

My Secrets for Making Weight Training Fun

When I strained my back a couple of months ago, I figured I could still work out and just “take it easy.” You know – “back off.” This is actually called denial, because when you’re used to pushing it, it’s very difficult to do something with less intensity. The intensity is the fun part. My back is better, but it took much longer to heal while continuing weights. And while I’m not advocating continuing to exercise when you have an {Read More…}

Want Results? Better Know Your Sweet Spot

 A runner I was talking to last week said she wanted to build muscle in her upper body. As we were talking about exercises she should do, I mentioned that she would probably really enjoy the end result of looking cut. I could see a light go on in her response – yes, that would be sweet! Now she was excited to get started in a way she hadn’t been before.  Your sweet spot is what makes you go. If {Read More…}