There’s No One Right Way to Lift Weights

With all the advice about weight training out there, you might be a little confused.  Which exercises should you do? Should you only do low reps/high weight? Is mixing it up okay or unnecessary? I like to think that the many ways of weight training are part of what makes it fun. And despite what you might hear, there is no one right way to weight train. Using basic variables, you can blend several approaches or use one method exclusively. Which {Read More…}

Want Results? Better Know Your Sweet Spot

 A runner I was talking to last week said she wanted to build muscle in her upper body. As we were talking about exercises she should do, I mentioned that she would probably really enjoy the end result of looking cut. I could see a light go on in her response – yes, that would be sweet! Now she was excited to get started in a way she hadn’t been before.  Your sweet spot is what makes you go. If {Read More…}

Know What You Want from Weights

Today in the gym a woman was lifting weights next to me and she was clearly pushing herself. I was impressed how hard she was working, not resting between reverse bicep curls and cable curls and using pretty heavy weight. I watched her for a moment, and, always excited to see another woman like myself in the gym, commented that she seemed to be getting a great burn. She replied that at age forty, she needed to work hard to {Read More…}

True Love at the Gym: Using a Workout Journal

I have the perfect companion at the gym. Helpful, motivational, and always by my side. If our relationship was ever lost I would be heartbroken – and damn mad. My training log – or workout journal, pick your name – fits in my hand so nicely. It’s become rather worn, packed with my scribblings about how much weight I’ve lifted and how many reps I’ve done. And it’s only been since I started using it – six months ago – {Read More…}