The Most Overlooked Way To Get Freaky Muscle Definition

Ginny is a 41-year-old client of mine who loves lifting and has developed a strong, athletic body in the last eight months. She’s proud of doing four unassisted pull ups (so far) and gaining five pounds of lean muscle mass. Ginny enjoys a good slice of pizza and piece of chocolate now and then, but she knows how to eat clean and usually does. But what’s still missing for Ginny is the holy grail of a lean, muscular physique: Freaky sculpted muscle definition that shouts feminine and athletic at the same time. What’s holding Ginny back? {Read More…}

How to Train for Shoulder Definition: Q&A With Suzanne

Here at da blog, Fridays are for questions about MO’ muscle, less fat, clean eating, or whatevs. This week’s Q&A covers steps to standout shoulder definition plus strength training after surgery. At the end of every Q&A post I’ll tell you a little about my own training too, including recovery from my recent preventative double mastectomy and how I’ll make lifting my bitch again very soon. To participate in next week’s mailbag, post your question on my Facebook page, ping me on Twitter, or just drop {Read More…}

How to Build More Arm and Shoulder Muscle Definition: A Woman’s Guide

There’s nothing like sculpted arms and shoulders to make you feel sexy and fit. And let’s face it, muscle definition can make you stand out from the crowd. How many people really have the persistence and commitment to make standout muscle definition happen? Not many. If you’ve been training awhile and still haven’t attained the look you want, it’s time to look back at old photos. They tell the whole story of how you’ve been training, how you’ve been eating, and what your {Read More…}

Training to Look Hot – It’s Ok

You might think it takes a lot of kahunas to start an online training group dedicated to helping women build muscle definition that makes people look twice. After all, isn’t it “shallow” to focus on one’s appearance instead of “performing better?” Nope. A lot of women are motivated by looking better – I’ve read studies saying so, but I don’t need a study to tell me that. Sure, overall conditioning and feeling fantastic are great motivators. But what’s wrong with wanting {Read More…}

5 Fixable Roadblocks to More Muscle

Last week I talked about the common mistake women make of focusing too much on body fat when trying to get to standout muscle definition. While it’s true that a lower body fat helps rock a sculpted, athletic body, it’s not the only factor. Today I’m revealing several other roadblocks that stand in the way of more muscle that make people look twice. Poor Posture Poor posture isn’t something we have just because we’re tired or unaware of how we’re sitting. Rounded, hunched {Read More…}

Why Your Body Fat Isn’t Preventing You from Looking Cut

Last week I was training next to a woman for awhile and watching her out of the corner of my eye. I do this out of habit, probably my professional side waiting to be impressed by her knowledge or form. And I was impressed – she pushed 45-50 pounds overhead with relative ease and you just don’t see that very often. I was amazed that she followed this immediately by doing pushups. I, on the other hand, was wicked tired already and barely {Read More…}