Personal Training in Littleton and Highlands Ranch, CO

Build a healthy, strong body with me in Littleton and Highlands Ranch, CO. I specialize in helping women build muscle, lose fat, increase functional fitness and aerobic conditioning in an environment of self-acceptance and personal growth. We’ll use proven strength-training techniques and long-term nutrition strategies to build confidence and a body you love. [Learn more about my background]

Littleton CO Personal Training

I’ve trained clients in a variety settings, but currently train in my home studio (next photo!).

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My personal training studio is located in the Highlands Ranch, Colorado, area. We'll use a variety of equipment, including dumbbells, kettlebells,  barbell, and TRX to motivate and challenge you in a private setting.

In-Person Training Packages Include:

  • Initial consultation and goal setting
  • Movement/postural assessments
  • Body composition tracking, if appropriate
  • Review of health and exercise history
  • Nutrition analysis and counseling
  • Progressive, customized workouts built around your goals, experience, and abilities

I have enjoyed working out with Suzanne.  She creates interesting programs that manage to challenge...and exhaust me!  One of the best changes I have noticed is that I walk taller, as she is improving my posture as well as building up my strength.  I can also go on vacation and take her workouts along with me, so I don't have to start from scratch when I return." ~ Sue Inglis, Littleton CO

personal training Highlands Ranch, CO

Workout Nirvana studio in Highlands, Ranch, CO.

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