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3 Steps for Creating Effective Workouts


Thanks for watching! I’ll cover how to plan workouts long term in another Scope.  I’ll also mention that the example I gave is for only one full-body workout… you can use this system for three different workouts and have yourself a 3x/week plan. Or use if for any training split!

Exercise Selection

  • Horizontal push (incline and flat bench press, push-up)
  • Horizontal pull (bent-over row, inverted row, seated cable row)
  • Vertical pull (chin-up, lat pulldown)
  • Vertical push (overhead shoulder press, standing chest fly)
  • Knee dominant (squat, leg press)
  • Hip dominant (deadlift, hip thrust)

Example (click to enlarge)

3 Steps for Creating Your Own Workout

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At the Bod Pod! How accurate is my own body fat estimate?


I track my body fat to assess how my muscle-building efforts are going, and body fat estimates are of course useful for fat loss as well. I had the opportunity to have my body fat tested at Mobile Body Metrics and Powered By You Fitness and reveal the results in this scope. 

How to Estimate Your Body Fat

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How to Estimate Your Body Fat

Clean Eating Articles

[Video] Eating for Muscle: A Primer for Women

Ladies, You’re Not Really Eating for Muscle

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