Motivation Minute Ep 7: Rewarding Yourself

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Watch this week’s Motivation Minute to learn why rewarding yourself for successes really works (you might be surprised). Then check out my ideas to get started below.

Remember, the reward should match the action. Also, you need to be very intentional and conscious with rewards instead of random. Use these ideas to get started!

Rewards for small steps. Every small success counts. Acknowledge them!

  • Log each daily success.
  • Take a leisurely walk at lunch.
  • Buy a pair of wicking socks or a water bottle.
  • Share how you’re making changes with friends or on social media.

Rewards for big steps. At some point, you’ll do something you’ve been putting off forever, like tracking your food or working out for the first time in months. Reward yourself!

  • Buy a gorgeous new workout outfit.
  • Leave work early and do something for yourself.
  • Get your hair or nails done.
  • Subscribe to a publication you’ve been eyeing.

Rewards for long-term consistency. You choose the timeframe – what would make you feel proud? Six weeks of following a structured workout or diet plan? Or three?

  • Plan a weekend away or take a vacation day.
  • Buy a pair of high-quality shoes.
  • Sign up for a class you’ve been wanting to take.
  • Buy a pair of high-end headphones or a smoothie blender.

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