Customized Strength-Training Programs

Welcome! My name is Suzanne and I’m a personal trainer, weight management coach, and writer. I’m glad you found me! Let’s see if you’re in the right place.

Note: I’m not currently accepting online clients. Stay tuned, however! Online books are in the works.

Online personal training Is This You?

  • You’re familiar with strength training (or a seasoned lifter) and you can handle nutrition on your own.
  • You’d love long-term structure with your strength-training workouts (which means better results!).
  • You want to break through a strength-training plateau but don’t know how.
  • You’re tired of one-size-fits-all workouts that just don’t work for you.
  • You know you’ve got more.

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and confused because standout muscle and steadily increasing strength remain out of reach.

Before I became a fitness professional, I was plateaued in my training, unable to move forward and very discouraged. I contemplated hiring a personal trainer, but fortunately, I became a personal trainer instead. But obviously, not everyone chooses that path.

I learned the fundamentals of building strength and muscle and that was, of course, helpful. But it was my years of experience coaching a wide variety of people that gave me the specialized knowledge to keep progressing – and help others reach their goals, too.

Why Customized Online Coaching?

Strength training has become mainstream, which is a major positive. Unfortunately, we’re completely oversaturated with fitness articles, advice, and one-size-fits-all workouts. It’s beyond confusing which approach to take. You may find yourself constantly switching programs or unable to find a program that fits YOU just right.

Customized vs. Canned Workouts

I created this infographic to show the differences between one-size-fits-all, or “canned” workouts and customized workouts: Canned vs. Customized Strength Training Programs

Plenty of well-known bodybuilders, fitness models, and strength experts create programs for the masses. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but there are definite pitfalls. I’ve looked at and even followed one-size-fits-all workouts, and here’s a few impressions:

  • Limited (or no) support. If you have a question, you may be out of luck, especially if you bought a program from a celebrity. Got a special circumstance? It might be tough to find substitutions or figure out if you’re training safely for you.
  • What even is the goal? I’ve seen programs that don’t even tell you what you should expect after the program is done. Many times, the subtle message is that you’ll look like the person who created it – all in three months’ time! Training is a long-term process with lots of little successes along the way; everyone starts where they are. You might look like that celebrity some day, but only if you train smart for months and even years.
  • Mismatched for your body. Non-customized programs are usually written for either newbies or very experienced lifters. If anything, the first month focuses on the basics (pretty boring if you’ve been lifting 5, 10, or 20 years!). And if it’s written for seasoned lifters, the workouts typically don’t t address how to cope with old injuries or years of training (and plateaus).
  • An emphasis on bench pressing. Many programs are geared towards guys who want a big chest. The bench press is prioritized above all other upper-body exercises – even pull-ups. Even if you want a stronger bench press, but it’s important to strengthen and build your back, too. If you aspire to unassisted pull-ups or a “V-taper,” doing bench presses first every session won’t help you get there.
  • No where to go once the program ends. Once the workouts are over you can try repeating them, but you’ll probably find yourself bored before long. Plus, do you know how to progress the workouts safely and effectively? With a customized program, you will never be bored, because your workouts change just the right variables every month.

These are just a few reasons to sign up for a customized strength-training program created just for you. I will never push you harder than you’re capable, risk injury, or keep you too “safe.” You want beautiful, lean muscle to give your body shape and definition, help burn fat, and make you stronger. I know how to get you there!

When we team up together, you’ll feel energized, stronger, and leaner. You’ll also gain confidence as a lifter. You don’t have to worry about what to change or when to change it anymore. That’s in my hands now – all you have to do is train hard.

Contact me to learn more!

Why This Program?

You can certainly find 90-day programs that cost less than this one. And they may be excellent programs for certain people and a certain amount of time. But what those programs lack are individualized programming and support.

These one-size-fits-all programs can teach you a lot about training on your own. Most likely, however, you’ll have two long-term outcomes: (1) You’ll become bored by repeating them, and (2) you’ll plateau because you’re guessing about how to progress.

As a side note, increasing the weight only works for so long. As your training age increases, you need to inspire your body to change by doing different things, too. You need to use these techniques in effective doses, too, or you could end up injured.

My programs keep you safe and progressing, all with me right by your side. My training handbook will arm you with everything you’ll need to go strong, and you’ll always have me there for questions and check-ins.

Keep Building Muscle and Strength Long Term

Your program is more than just workouts; it’s a plan for long-term progress. Whatever your priority – losing 10 pounds, gaining muscle definition, increasing strength, or improving sports performance – we’ll focus on building muscle and strength first and foremost.

Muscle is metabolically active tissue shown to help you burn more calories at rest. Muscle also gives your body shape and helps clothes fit better. Of course, we’ll also get your stronger to not only help build muscle, but to function better in daily life. And don’t forget feeling like a badass!

What You Get with Your Customized Strength-Training Program

When you train with me, you’ll benefit from these program features:

  • Detailed history to see where you stand and what you want to accomplish
  • Customized workouts every month based on your history, goals, and equipment
  • Comprehensive Training Handbook I wrote just for my clients
  • Personal spreadsheet for tracking + additional content
  • Monthly email check-ins to chat about your challenges and successes (plus email support when you need it)
  • Mobile-friendly, printable workouts and tracking tools

Of course you want to know what your workouts will look like. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Mobility warm ups to prevent injury and increase performance
  • Detailed instructions for using new techniques
  • Video demonstrations
  • Just the right reps/sets to get stronger and build more muscle
  • Workouts that last 30-60 minutes, depending on your schedule
  • Progressions to big lifts, if you’ve never done them
  • Unilateral work to help you build symmetrical strength and balance
  • Built-in, unobtrusive back-off weeks to help you recover and stay strong

Let’s drill down into program features a bit. I know you’re curious!

Workouts that Get Results

Programming is a complex skill, and it’s tough to objectively follow a program you create on your own. There’s also a difference between random workouts strung together and a structured program. When you train with me, you will continue to progress to the next level in all you do, which translates to the body you want.

Whether you are post-pregnancy, post-rehab, pre-surgery, or simply want to look better and be stronger, your program will reflect your goals.

  • Enjoy workouts structured to fit your schedule, lifestyle, access to equipment, and experience level
  • Continue to see results without overuse injuries or frustrating plateaus
  • Benefit from the structure of a professionally designed, periodized training plan

Support and Accountability

You’ll never feel alone or lost in your training, because we stay in touch!

  • You can email me any time with training or equipment questions.
  • In your monthly email check-in, we’ll review your progress, set goals, and update your workouts.

Specialized Content for Rocking Your Goals

As my training client, you’ll gain access to my professionally written, exclusive content. I’ve spent years covering every base to ensure that you’re using proper technique and the most effective weightlifting principles.

Tools You Can Use

Perfected from years of experience, your personal progress spreadsheet will help you stay on track and motivated.

Pro Membership at

When you sign up with me, you automatically get a Pro membership at This is a full-featured, mobile-friendly platform for tracking your workouts (and much more). I’ll publish your workouts to you in an easy-to-follow, intuitive format that lets you enter weights, reps, and sets completed. You can refer back to previous workouts to see how much to lift next time, connect with others in the community, and see video demonstrations.

Note: I’m not currently accepting online clients. Stay tuned, however! Online books are in the works.