Dumbbells vs. Barbells: Q&A with Suzanne

Five years ago this week, this blog was born of that idyllic place between lifting a weight and putting it down. I’m still a passion freak in the weight room and think I’m a pretty badass coach, too. So in honor of this occasion, I’m kicking off a new weekly feature, Nirvana Training with Suzanne. I’ll answer your questions and share about my weekly training, both of which I hope will help you grow as a lifter and reach your goals. Thanks for reading and sharing your {Read More…}

Strength Training for Beginners [Video]

You’ve heard that strength training can help you lose weight. But what exercises should you do? Should you eat differently? How can you stay motivated to learn this whole new way of using your body? I answered these questions and much more in a video workshop with Sam Lomeli’s TipsOfTheScale.com community last week. Check it out: You may also be interested in the podcast interview I did with Sam last year about weight loss and strength training. Questions about how to get started with strength training? Visit {Read More…}

A Fun, Full-Body Resistance Band Workout

Are you serious about your workouts? Then it’s time to lighten up! Exercising should be fun, and sometimes that means just being silly. Not that we aren’t serious about our results, but letting ourselves relax, make mistakes, and have fun will motivate us to keep going. The workout I’m demonstrating today is a full-body resistance band workout that you can scale to your own level by using different resistances. This form of strength training provide constant tension to the muscles and a completely different {Read More…}

Why You Should Ignore Celebrity Workouts

When I stumbled upon this little video of a celebrity trainer showing how to achieve a celebrity’s upper body, I was flabbergasted. If you believe this trainer, to look like this particular celebrity you need to lift three-pound weights for 10-15 reps and use microscopically thin resistance bands. We wouldn’t want you to break a nail! And heaven forbid you “bulk up,” the authoritative male trainer warns us. What the f*ck? Seriously – I thought this kind of misinformation was just legend at this {Read More…}

4 Ways to Get More Muscle in Less Time

Gaining more muscle and strength isn’t ever about doing one thing differently. When you start adding a little structure to your workouts – that is, tracking your progress and following a plan – you also start to see real progress. I’ve seen measurable results in my own muscle gains and training the last few months and I wanted to share with you what I’m doing differently. Sticking to a Program Probably the biggest mistake we all make is switching workouts or {Read More…}

You’re Revising Your Workouts Too Often

As I look back on my earlier weightlifting days when I wasn’t making significant progress, I can see my mistakes so clearly. Somewhat predictably, I realize now that it wasn’t until I became a personal trainer that I finally started seeing real results. I became educated about what works from an evidence-based perspective and began following through with that knowledge. Today, I see people doing exactly what I did: spinning their wheels, frustrated that they never see the results they {Read More…}