Strength Training after a Mastectomy

It had been about six months since my breast reconstruction surgery and bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. I was at the gym, following an old training program I wrote. Back to training for months, I’d mostly avoided chest training. I glanced down to see which exercise was up next: Push-ups. I felt a little flutter in my stomach and made a spur-of-the-moment decision: I would try push-ups this time instead of skipping them. Since it would suck to lower myself down and choke at the bottom (which {Read More…}

How to Train for Shoulder Definition: Q&A With Suzanne

Here at da blog, Fridays are for questions about MO’ muscle, less fat, clean eating, or whatevs. This week’s Q&A covers steps to standout shoulder definition plus strength training after surgery. At the end of every Q&A post I’ll tell you a little about my own training too, including recovery from my recent preventative double mastectomy and how I’ll make lifting my bitch again very soon. To participate in next week’s mailbag, post your question on my Facebook page, ping me on Twitter, or just drop {Read More…}

Just Do It: How to Protect Your Shoulders

If you could see into the future and knew your strength training workouts would be shut down by a shoulder injury, would you start doing things differently today? Not many people spend time maintaining shoulder health, but a lot of people spend time being injured. Shoulder injuries are ridiculously common, and those of us who lift weights should be focused not only building strength and size but on keeping our shoulders healthy. It’s a relatively delicate joint that we punish {Read More…}

Rear Delt Training for Strong, Sexy Shoulders

When we think of a cut, attractive physique, we think of a V-shaped upper body with defined shoulders and upper back. But even if you have lovely back and arm muscles, if your rear delts aren’t sufficiently developed it will look like something’s “missing.” But there are plenty of reasons to train your rear delts, and train them correctly: Counteract tight chest muscles and rounded shoulders (poor posture) Help protect your shoulders and rotator cuffs from injuries Increase your strength {Read More…}

Being Unstoppable Means Stopping to Listen

There’s a variety of fitness-minded people who are so passionate about their goals, their activity of choice, that they won’t let anything stand in their way. They are single-minded about gaining the muscle, losing the weight, looking good in a swim suit, setting a new personal record. Other members of this fitness-minded group just don’t like to admit the truth. They keep on trucking along with their chosen activity even when their body says “no.” They keep on going, even {Read More…}

Blasting Shoulders with a New Routine

Everyone seems to love working their shoulders – they respond well to weight training and look ever so nice when developed. Even if your shoulders are already your best feature, you need to keep challenging them to the max. I recently decided I need to amp it up, so I created a new routine that I’m going to use for the next four weeks. I’ll increase the weight as I go and consequently do lower repetitions. When I’m able to {Read More…}