Translating Theory into Buffness: A Checklist

I hear it when you say it can be a struggle getting the results you want. An online friend even pointed out to me the other day that knowing the theory and science behind building muscle and losing fat doesn’t always translate into results – getting buff, that is – that  holy grail of looking exactly like you want to look. So I started thinking about the ingredients of attaining a buff state and how much of it is a series of questions {Read More…}

Common Weight-Lifting and Cardio Questions Answered

Figuring out how to meet your fitness goals can be confusing, given all the opinions out there. Here I’ve answered some common questions about getting to your goals. Strength Training Can I lift weights and do cardio on  the same day? Which should I do first? If possible, do cardio and weight lifting on separate days so that you have enough energy for each workout. If you can’t, try doing them at opposite ends of the day to ensure that {Read More…}

The Hidden Reason You’re Not Seeing Results

It’s true that plenty of people get stopped from meeting their goals because they don’t know how to proceed. I’ve heard a lot of people say, for example, that they need a new workout but don’t know what to do next. But once things are underway and you’ve got a plan, what’s the next most important thing to getting to your goals? You know it – consistency. And it’s the one thing people forget most often. Consistency isn’t sexy or {Read More…}

Progressing Goals with Small Actions

How often are you frustrated because you can’t make progress on something? Sometimes, finding the right approach is harder than the actual execution. How to approach something is where I often get stuck with a goal… and where I stop. And I wonder why my To Do list is always so long. But when Me You Health contacted me about a participating in a challenge to take a small action every day for my well-being, I thought, easy! I already {Read More…}

What’s Your Benchmark? Using the One Rep Max

Want to see my workouts, pictures, important tips and updates, and more? Visit me on Facebook and give Workout Nirvana a “Like.” Hope to connect with you! Recently I discussed how a gnawing feeling in your gut may represent the need for a little self growth. One thing that gnawed at me was that I didn’t measure my progress very methodically. I look at pictures, check out my training log, and pretty much know if I’m lifting more. A log is a {Read More…}

True Love at the Gym: Using a Workout Journal

I have the perfect companion at the gym. Helpful, motivational, and always by my side. If our relationship was ever lost I would be heartbroken – and damn mad. My training log – or workout journal, pick your name – fits in my hand so nicely. It’s become rather worn, packed with my scribblings about how much weight I’ve lifted and how many reps I’ve done. And it’s only been since I started using it – six months ago – {Read More…}