4 Tips for Foolproof Lifestyle Changes

Sitting in the middle of muckety muck: That’s how it feels when you’re struggling to eat a healthier diet. You can see your diet weaknesses and may even know how to fix them, but you can never move forward. Why is it so hard to make diet changes and how can you eat healthier for the smokin’ body you want? When I begin my online training groups for women, I ask members to tell me about their biggest struggles around getting healthier. I hear things like… No time or lack {Read More…}

Show Up for Yourself as an Experienced Woman Lifter

Who are the women who see ridiculously good results with strength training? Usually, it’s not novice lifters. That’s because most newbies won’t have the dedication and resilience needed to see their body change significantly through weightlifting. We  hear all about beginners and what holds them back – fear of bulking up, gullibility around fads, listening to celebrity trainers, doing too much cardio, not eating enough, eating too much, and using shitty form, to name a few. So much content out there is geared towards women who want to {Read More…}

Why You’ll Fail At Losing Weight

I don’t pretend to have all the answers about losing fat. Hell, fat loss isn’t easy for anyone, and if you say it is you’d be lying. There’s a certain fear and discomfort around changing our habits and adjusting how much or what we eat. Saboteurs lurk within our own heads and in our environments. And even if you eat healthy and exercise every day, there’s no guarantee you’ll lose fat. But as long as you have these two things, changing your body {Read More…}