Dynamic Warm-Up Exercise for Upper-Back Mobility

Do you find yourself leaning forward too much during squats or unable to go heavier with deadlifts? Or do you suffer from ongoing neck and shoulder pain? These could all be signs that you lack good upper-back mobility, a common problem for anyone who works at a computer. If your weightlifting warm up amounts to doing a few light sets before your working set, you could be missing out on improved performance, mobility, and injury prevention. But a quick, full {Read More…}

Motivation Minute Ep 10: 2 Ways to Reach Your Full Strength Training Potential

Welcome! Need a mentor to rock better results with weights and clean eating? Stay updated on blog posts and get a copy of my free muscle-sculpting e-book by subscribing. Thanks for stopping by! In this week’s video Motivation Minute: If I could share only TWO WAYS of increasing your strength training potential – and thus your beautiful RESULTS – it would be these. And trust me, they must be pretty important if they’re my top two. Also, check out the links below for more articles on {Read More…}

5 Tips for Returning to Strength Training After a Mastectomy

If you’re a woman who lifts weights and find yourself faced with having a mastectomy, you’ll have a lot of research and reading to do. So for Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to share the top five things I wish I’d known as a woman who strength trains and has had a prophylactic double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in March and May of 2015, respectively. When considering these surgeries, of course I was not happy about the prospect of losing muscle and enduring a {Read More…}

Digging Deep with Self-Myofascial Release

Using foam rollers and other self-massage tools to eliminate aches and pains and improve flexibility is becoming more mainstream for good reason: Self-myofascial release is one of the best things you can do for your muscles and joints. When your muscles are tight and and your range of motion is decreased, joints and muscles don’t function properly. The result is often pain and even injury, sometimes occurring “out of the blue.” For example, if your hips are tight from sitting all {Read More…}

Commandments for Health & Injury Prevention

Whether you love being active or not, no one wants to end up with an injury. Inactive people get injured more frequently than active people. Those who don’t exercise become deconditioned, and a wrong step, a movement outside normal range of motion, repetitive movements, or carrying too much weight can lead to muscle and joint dysfunction. People who are out of shape and get surgery to fix muscle or joint issues usually are back in pain again in some way, {Read More…}

Disappear Aches & Find Flexibility with Foam Rolling

When I get blog comments and tweets like this one, it gets me excited about what I’ve learned firsthand:  foam rolling can change your life. “I gotta tell you Suzanne, I have been using our foam roller on my IT band and it is the BOMB! Over the last 2 weeks or so it has helped with my hip and lower back problems. I believe that it has also improved my posture since the knot between my shoulder blades seems {Read More…}