Just a Few Healthy Habits Create a Bitchin’ Body and Health

At the end of the year we reflect. Lately I’ve tried to notice all the small things I do that add up to a bitchin body – both health-wise and aesthetically. This is tough for me because these habits are so ingrained. They seem inconsequential to my daily life, but even missing one of them screws up my day. I’ve come to expect an energetic, pain-free body, happy digestion, and a positive attitude. Barring illness or injury, everything hums along {Read More…}

Demystifying Metabolism (Part 2): Diet

Metabolism has a mystic status – we hear about its power over our ability to gain/lose/maintain weight and we wonder how much of that power is in our hands. Technically (and simply put), metabolism is the sum of all the chemical processes that allows us to maintain life. But we just know that we want it to be higher. I explained how exercise and muscle impact metabolism in Part 1 of this two-part series. So it’s time now to look {Read More…}

Using HIIT for Weight Loss, Endurance & Strength

I get bored with long bouts of cardio on the elliptical, but high-intensity interval training (HIIT) makes the time go fast. Not only can I burn calories, but I feel energetic for hours after HIIT. When I’m consistent, I’ve also seen my aerobic endurance increase. Plenty of studies have reported that HIIT raises your resting metabolism and burns 10% more calories over a 24-hour period than steady state. Other studies have shown that more body fat is dropped when using {Read More…}

Tired or Achy? How to Feel Better

I spend a lot of time these days feeling like an energizer bad ass. And I’m no spring chicken, mind you. Not only that, but I used to feel tired and weak all the time. Sure, I was rear-ended in 2001 and suffered chronic neck pain for years afterwards. But I also felt tired and weak a lot before that. I’ve always been healthy and right around my idea weight, so I didn’t even have a concrete reason. Unfortunately, feeling tired {Read More…}

Your Workout isn’t Over Until You Refuel

I once saw a bodybuilder at the gym downing handfuls of raw oats in between gulps of a protein shake. Granted, he is a bodybuilder and needs mega recovery compared to me, but I was still startled at the sight. “Getting your carbs?” I asked. “You don’t mix it with water? Just oats?” “That and protein,” he confirmed. It looked pretty dry and chokey, but this guy knew how to get his body some quick carbs and protein after lifting {Read More…}

The Cycle of Unawareness: There’s a Better Way

1. Ignore your body’s signals. 2. Wait until your body is in distress. 3. React unconsciously. Hungry, thirsty, tired, bloated. You ignore the signals. More intense distress signals such as ravenous, low-blood-sugar hunger or extreme fatigue. You overeat… or lie down. Or, instead of ignoring the signals, you react every time, putting a band-aid on your body. Being Unaware costs you. The price? Being overweight, out of shape, tired, bloated, or unhealthy. Or all of these. Unaware and Suffering Body {Read More…}