Are You Doing All You Can to Stay Injury Free?

If you’re injury free, how do you maintain this state of bliss? And if not, are you practicing these basic injury prevention principals? The first half of last year I had pain in my shoulder, knee, wrist, and elbow. I went to physical therapy and used wrist and elbow supports to help myself recover. Now that I’ve been injury free for awhile, I want to share what I’ve learned over the last year. Injuries prevent you from doing what you {Read More…}

What’s Holding You Back from Lifting Weights?

Ever since my post about the hidden benefits of weightlifting, I have been intrigued by the barriers keeping people from lifting or getting the most out of lifting. I heard from people who echoed the following myths or said they’d heard them. Are you buying into any of these misconceptions? Myth: Runners should avoid weightlifting Many runners think bigger muscles will slow them down; however, weightlifting can actually improve your running performance and also help to prevent injuries. A strong upper body makes {Read More…}

Confronting Silent Shrieks of Fear

I tend to think of myself as brave and independent with an underdeveloped vulnerable side, kind of like the Sheila Rae character in the popular children’s books. I may be small in stature but I like being strong, rational, and self-aware and those are the cores of my identity. That being said, I have some rather irrational fears that I don’t talk about – or think about much either. In the spirit of continually evolving into a more aware strong and brave woman, {Read More…}

The Cycle of Unawareness: There’s a Better Way

1. Ignore your body’s signals. 2. Wait until your body is in distress. 3. React unconsciously. Hungry, thirsty, tired, bloated. You ignore the signals. More intense distress signals such as ravenous, low-blood-sugar hunger or extreme fatigue. You overeat… or lie down. Or, instead of ignoring the signals, you react every time, putting a band-aid on your body. Being Unaware costs you. The price? Being overweight, out of shape, tired, bloated, or unhealthy. Or all of these. Unaware and Suffering Body {Read More…}

Abs Just Part of What was Missing

Today I’m totally at peace with my world. My quest for defined abs has less importance – is this due to more solid self-acceptance? Although clean eating, exercise, and water consumption help stave off water retention, it’s still difficult to see your abs unless you have less than 14% body fat (according to Oxygen magazine). For myself, I would look like a skeleton at this body fat level; I’m just not willing to do it. So the question becomes: Is it {Read More…}

True Love at the Gym: Using a Workout Journal

I have the perfect companion at the gym. Helpful, motivational, and always by my side. If our relationship was ever lost I would be heartbroken – and damn mad. My training log – or workout journal, pick your name – fits in my hand so nicely. It’s become rather worn, packed with my scribblings about how much weight I’ve lifted and how many reps I’ve done. And it’s only been since I started using it – six months ago – {Read More…}