How to Use the Six Stages of Behavioral Change

I have a lot of empathy and respect for my training clients who are navigating their chosen path of change. That’s because it’s very common to get stuck when you’re trying to make a change – change is not always easy. How do people make meaningful, long-lasting changes to their health, body, or fitness level? Behavioral change was the subject of an outstanding session at FitSocial 13 by Dr. Denise McGuire, a licensed psychologist at the University of Colorado Center for Integrative Medicine. {Read More…}

7 Stepping Stones to Body Love

Long before images of perfect, six-pack abs and lithe, youthful actresses dominated the media, women were terribly hard on themselves. It continues today, maybe more so than ever: If our bodies don’t meet our stringent personal or cultural standards, we indulge an ongoing internal flogging: “I hate my legs.” “I’m so fat. I’m disgusting.” “I can’t even fit into my clothes. I hate my body.” As a trainer and coach I hear comments like these often, and I always flinch {Read More…}

Of Self-Doubt and Forging Ahead (and Happy 3rd Blogiversary)

If you’re looking for positives about getting older, you may not see them until you’re actually there. I knew I was suffering badly during my 20’s, but it’s only now that I can look back and see how far I’ve come. I was a late bloomer; I didn’t develop true self-confidence until after I had my daughter and returned to strength training. My wiser, broader perspective made me realize that  comparing myself to others is a losing game. While competing can be {Read More…}

Muscle Motivation: The Integrity of Self

Today I begin a new series, Muscle Motivation, that will talk about how to GO with your goals. When you encounter someone with genuine integrity, it can be a beautiful, enriching experience. You feel gratitude for the experience, almost like it was a gift. But integrity is a highly valued quality and for another reason too: Lack of integrity can hurt people. It ruins trust and creates a harsher world where we have to cater to the lowest common denominator. I {Read More…}

A Plea for This Holiday Season: Live in This Moment

I noticed it yesterday when I was out and about shopping: People with palatable tension, pushing carts a bit faster; annoyed faces; drivers with less patience; and a sense that I was in certain people’s way as I went about my business. It’s the holiday season – a time when everyone seems pissed off, in a hurry, and intolerant. Everyone’s rushing around trying to prepare the perfect holiday experience. People with too much on their calendars. Working, taking care of {Read More…}

What is the Obsession with Body Weight?

Guest Post by Scott Dueball Every trainer (worth their weight in whey) will tell you that body weight is among their least important metrics. Changes in body weight can be coy and sporadic. The typical exerciser has little understanding of what creates realistic expectations of body weight loss. As a result, the expectations are often set too high and without reason. Your trainer or coach will no doubt explain that lean mass weighs more than fat mass and in many {Read More…}