Dynamic Warm-Up Exercise for Upper-Back Mobility

Do you find yourself leaning forward too much during squats or unable to go heavier with deadlifts? Or do you suffer from ongoing neck and shoulder pain? These could all be signs that you lack good upper-back mobility, a common problem for anyone who works at a computer. If your weightlifting warm up amounts to doing a few light sets before your working set, you could be missing out on improved performance, mobility, and injury prevention. But a quick, full {Read More…}

Tired or Achy? How to Feel Better

I spend a lot of time these days feeling like an energizer bad ass. And I’m no spring chicken, mind you. Not only that, but I used to feel tired and weak all the time. Sure, I was rear-ended in 2001 and suffered chronic neck pain for years afterwards. But I also felt tired and weak a lot before that. I’ve always been healthy and right around my idea weight, so I didn’t even have a concrete reason. Unfortunately, feeling tired {Read More…}

Finding Your Balance in the Weight Room

How balanced are you? I confronted this question last week when I took a cross-country skiing lesson. While learning the kick and glide technique, which requires you to balance on one foot while moving fairly fast, it became apparent that you need a good amount of balance for this sport. On one hand, I was impressed that I had any balance at all; on the other hand, I decided I can use even more. Not only is stabilization needed for {Read More…}

The Cycle of Unawareness: There’s a Better Way

1. Ignore your body’s signals. 2. Wait until your body is in distress. 3. React unconsciously. Hungry, thirsty, tired, bloated. You ignore the signals. More intense distress signals such as ravenous, low-blood-sugar hunger or extreme fatigue. You overeat… or lie down. Or, instead of ignoring the signals, you react every time, putting a band-aid on your body. Being Unaware costs you. The price? Being overweight, out of shape, tired, bloated, or unhealthy. Or all of these. Unaware and Suffering Body {Read More…}

Losing (or Gaining) When Life Happens

By Special Guest Writer Lisa Benbrook Years ago when I was very young and newly married, I was in a checkout line at the grocery store. Perusing the tabloids and “self helps” displayed there for the impulse buyer, I saw one of those mini-books about calorie counting. I ended up buying it because, especially back then, I was fascinated by all theories on weight loss. I’ve always been just as interested as any other woman in having the perfect figure. Growing up {Read More…}

Got it Goin’ On? Strut Your Stuff!

Yesterday I was prowling the Safeway parking lot in search of the Starbucks Wi-Fi when a woman walked across the crosswalk in front of me. She was probably in her forties and was by no means a “classic beauty;” she was simply fit and exuded confidence. As she crossed in front of me I had to smile: This sista was swinging it like she knew she had it going on – and she did. I paused to think about why {Read More…}