Attacking Water Weight with Potassium

It’s been suggested that increasing potassium can reduce water retention. Since water weight is an obstacle to more defined abs, it”s worth a try to increase this mineral!  There are so many potential causes of uncomfortable stomach bloat – high-fat, high-fat diets, processed ingredients, high salt intake, not enough fluids, excessive sweating, etc. Eliminating foods and drinking more water are the first things to try.

If you’re otherwise lean and still can’t see your abs, it’s probably water retention. And if you work hard on your abs and know they’re strong, you want to see them!

The recommended daily intake of potassium is 4.7 grams per day (athletes may need more). Since most Americans don’t get enough potassium, try integrating more fruits and vegetables, meat, and dairy. A little tip: Some frozen vegetables have added salt, arguably canceling out the benefits of the added potassium. Check out this article for a comprehensive list of good sources of potassium: Potassium and Health.

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