Is Your Grab-and-Go Lifestyle Holding You Back?

We’ve all been there: Disappointed in ourselves for our food choices again, yet feeling powerless to change our routine. Who has time to plan healthy meals when we barely have time to grocery shop and cook? It feels like every day is just survival mode.

Roasted Veggie and Black Bean Rice Bowl (Photo source: problem is that years of “winging it” with convenience foods can lead to weight gain and a less energized, healthy body than you deserve. If you’re determined to lose weight, build muscle, or simply reclaim your health, you need a plan – a routine that doesn’t suck up on your free time with hours of planning and cooking.

If only you could grab healthy, homemade food right from your freezer and refrigerator, completely cooked and ready to go.

The answer is that you can.

The thought of “meal planning” may make you want to run the other way. But it’s time to become friends with a routine that can help you create the healthy, lean body you want. The good news is that it’s much easier than you thought. Along with a progressive strength-training program, a weekly meal plan will help you:

  • Rock all-day energy with foods that fuel your body
  • Relax at lunchtime and spend more time with your family
  • Stick to your calorie or portion targets
  • Feel good about your body again

This isn’t about learning a magical new skill or becoming a meal-planning guru overnight. It’s about making small changes. It’s about finally gaining control over your health, body, and free time.

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