Title Nine Fit Fest For A Better Fitting Bra

About a year ago, I was invited to the Title Nine Fit Fest, which hosts local bloggers for a bra fitting, a complimentary bra, and a bra to give away. Public parties with Title Nine “bravangelists” follow soon after the blogger event.

I wanted to go so bad.

But more than a little ironically, I had just undergone a double prophylactic mastectomy. I couldn’t even get my arms over my head, much less try on numerous sports bras. I also had no idea what my final bra size would be because I would be having breast reconstruction after the tissue expanders had done their job.

Fast forward to one year later: That’s me, at my complementary Title Nine Fit Fest bra fitting, where the amazingly patient bravangelists helped me find the perfect bra.Title Nine Fit Fest 2016

I’m proud to say I’ve come a long way, baby, and was happy to be a part of this fun event. Now it’s time to share what I learned and give you the chance to win a Title Nine bra fitting and bra of your own.

Bra humbug – not

I have strong opinions about bras, as you might imagine, but not because of my surgeries. I’ve always hated bras with a hot passion and have even ridiculed them with my fictitious Twitter hashtag, #brachat.

Bras hurt. Most bras bind. And every bra that I’ve ever owned needed to be removed at my earliest convenience.

But just check out this crazy wide selection of sizes that Title Nine offers. I love their clothes, but had NO idea they were bravangelists, too.

According to Title Nine, the average American woman wears a 36C bra, but the vast majority of sports bras are built for A- and B-cup women. No wonder we’re all in pain. I might add that most models look like they’re an A cup too, which doesn’t feel very “supportive” of us bigger gals.

Nicole, my personal bravangelist at this year’s Fit Fest, told me a story many women can relate with: She used to be forced to wear two bras to get the support she needed. It wasn’t until she found Title Nine bras that she felt comfortable with running. She’s now completed two half marathons!

Title Nine Fit Fest steps up

Since support is not my number one priority (reconstructed breasts tend to stand up on their own AND stay put), my bravangelist and Molly from Title Nine headquarters helped me choose the Handful Updated bra by Loving Handful. So even though I’m a bigger size, this low-support bra works just fine for me. (This bra is only available online.)

I freaking love it!

Title Nine sports bra giveaway

You too can get a personalized fit with a bravangelist. Check out these Fit Fest dates or just head to a Title Nine near you on any day (or use their online bra genie). A pro tip: It’s fun to use the hashtag #T9FitFest to discuss this stuff or #bravangelists when you find just the right bra. Just sayin’.

And now, the giveaway! [closed]

The winner of the Title Nine sports bra giveaway is Susan Cann (@susancann)! Congratulations, Susan, enjoy your new bra and fitting. Thanks to everyone who entered!

One lucky Workout Nirvana reader, chosen by random drawing, will get:

  • A personalized fitting, either at a Title Nine Store or by phone
  • One Title Nine sports bra of your choice

Disclosure: I received my bra for free from Title Nine. All opinions are my own.

This article originally appeared on www.workoutnirvana.com.

10 thoughts on “Title Nine Fit Fest For A Better Fitting Bra

    • They’ll probably have you measure yourself in the exact same three places they measured me, then they’ll interview you about what you need and make recommendations! They also have email consults.


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