Why Booty Building Is Highly Individual (And Contributes to World Peace)

booty building

Being the deep thinker that I am, I theorize that booty building is hot right now because it’s attainable. Anyone can build a tighter, perkier tush using strength training or even bodyweight training. Booty building can change the way your pants fit exponentially and also give you a decent self-confidence boost, if not outright increase your self-esteem.

(That might ruffle a few tail feathers, but who cares. The fact is, booty building is great fun. And if everyone had more fun, the world would be a better place, wouldn’t it?)

But what if you’re not seeing the booty building results you’d like? Maybe you were, but no longer are. Or you were born with a flat butt (like me) and it’s resistant to growth (like mine). What gives?

Trust me, I know how frustrating this can be.

booty building

I was born with a pancake butt, and my mother has assured me it’s hereditary (no judgments here). But I didn’t even know I had a flat butt until this interaction with a coworker in my late twenties:

Me, telling a random story: … and then I laughed my ass off!
Him, deadpan: What ass?

epiphanyI know, I’ve told this story a hundred times. And yes, that was a dumb thing for him to say. You could also argue that ignorance is bliss. But this one comment – the idea that I could sculpt my own body – motivated me to try strength training. So I actually owe him like a million bucks (and I like my butt a lot more now too). Weird how shit happens, right?

Why Isn’t It Huge Yet?

I’ve been working on building my booty ever since. You’d think it’d be huge by now.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to build my booty effectively until relatively recently. I say relatively because I’ve been lifting weights for around 20 years… and I only learned what really works for my own booty building in the last few months.

Take a moment to absorb what I just said there – I’ve figured out what works for my own booty building. As an online coach and Denver-based personal trainer, I have clients who are at all levels. But there’s one commonality: When people come to me for help, they’ve rarely been training as effectively as they could’ve been.

booty buildingI’m just like most personal trainers (and everyone, actually): I have trouble programming my own workouts without lots of tweaky-tweaky. If only I could’ve given myself the focus and high priority I give my clients!

But for the last six weeks, I’ve been using a new booty building approach: I deprioritized deadlifts and barbell hip thrusts and began squatting more. I’d seen good growth with barbell hip thrusts, don’t get me wrong, and I enjoy thrusting a great deal. But my booty has always had a longish shape that I didn’t particularly care for. I could never get that rounder bubble butt I really wanted.

With Booty Building and Justice For All

As of today, six week later, I see a rounder booty. In fact, it feels perpetually pumped lately, yow! I like this. Measurements show I’ve gained one-quarter inch in the hip/butt area in last six weeks, too. For a long-time lifter, that’s a big deal.

However, this is a highly unscientific result, just in case you’re wondering. I’ve also been taking creatine, eating more, and I may have gained some fat, just sayin’ (I won’t know that until my next BodPod visit). But I like the shape of my booty more now – and that’s a fact.

I still love hip thrusts and will continue using them. But this experience has shown me that:

[Tweet “Booty building is highly individual. Try a combination of things to see what works best for you.”]

I’ve seen pictures of women who have supposedly gained the most awesome ass on the planet by hip thrusting. But to create the booty of your dreams, it might need a completely different stimulus than theirs or mine.

The important thing is to use a variety of exercises using a structured approach for a sustained period of time. To build muscle, you also need to train with a pretty high volume, I might add.

If you were born with a well-endowed booty, this all might sound crazy talk to you. If not, what are your thoughts? Is your booty building a bust or is it promoting world peace?

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This article originally appeared on www.workoutnirvana.com.

15 thoughts on “Why Booty Building Is Highly Individual (And Contributes to World Peace)

  1. Hey Suzanne, |I must say that you made my day with that crunchy post. I love glute workouts and getting them firmer and although I can’t complain much as you are with your bootay which you say is hereditary (can’t believe you said that), I admire your workouts and your fir body.
    Cheers girl and keep pumping


  2. People just don’t understand! I actually got made fun of in highschool for lack of derriere! I started working out in college and never looked back… squats were the trick, but i never got really professional guidance so maybe i could indeed be doing it better…


  3. It is so true that if everyone had more fun then the world would be a better place. So it seems the world would also be a better place with more squatters. Love this post.


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