Glute Training with Eccentric Barbell Hip Thrusts

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The first time I tried eccentric barbell hip thrusts, I experienced an intense glute pump unlike any other. That’s no surprise, given the hypertrophic benefits of eccentric training.

Eccentric barbell hip thrusts are performed by lowering the weight slowly to maintain constant tension in the glutes. With non-eccentric hip thrusts, you push up forcefully, contract the glutes hard at the top, and quickly lower the weight. This method is all fine and good, but you do miss out the increased muscle stress and damage achieved with eccentric training.

Watch this video for a quick demo and then check out my workout suggestions below. Be aware that eccentric barbell hip thrusts are an advanced exercise for those who’ve already mastered the barbell hip thrust.

Eccentric Barbell Hip Thrust Tips

  • Follow my instructions for performing regular barbell hip thrusts, except lower down for a count of 2-4 before returning to the start position. Consciously focus on your gluteal muscles as you lower to maintain tension.
  • If you feel this in your lower back, you may need to decrease the weight. Also, be sure not to arch your back.
  • You’ll need to do fewer reps with eccentrics.
  • You can also perform eccentric reps with bodyweight or dumbbell hip thrusts.
  • I recommend using a variety of hip thrust movements throughout the week, in addition to eccentrics. For the best adaptation, you may want to cycle eccentrics in and out of your workouts every 4-6 weeks.

Let me know how you like these glute crushers!

Video recorded at Powered By You Fitness in Littleton, Colorado. If you’re in the area, contact me for in-person training!

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