Training Lies: Use 3-5 Pound Weights for Muscle Definition!


Ugh! I came across this video awhile back that not only had me aghast but barfing all over my desk. I just can’t overstate the ludicrous nature of this “celebrity workout,” which uses baby weights and a nice dose of male condescension.

According to celebrity trainer Steve Moyer, actress Zoe Saldana gets her slim, “toned” body by lifting no more than 3-5 pound weights and a microscopic resistance band. Thankfully, Moyer says Zoe is a “model” client – that is, she does what’s she’s told.

The poor host of this PopSugar vid, Zelana Montminy, is obviously pretty fit and knowledgeable herself and tries to make it look hard. But she ends up just looking silly.

“We’re not bulking up, we’re just defining and toning,” says Moyer.

More like wasting our fucking time!

Just do 15-20 reps and you *might* notice that you’re actually working out. “Again, we’re not trying to bulk up,” says Moyer. “It’s about light weight, higher reps.” Thanks for the clarification, Steve – I didn’t get it the first time.

Beginners do need to start light and learn proper technique. But come on – to say that you’ll get “defined, toned arms” with baby weights is a bold-faced lie. You need to lift heavy weights in a moderate repetition range to build muscle and that’s just science. I might add that a lean physique also comes from eating clean.

Here’s the video, in case you’d like a nice chuckle. Please share it responsibly.

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12 thoughts on “Training Lies: Use 3-5 Pound Weights for Muscle Definition!

  1. I love your insight here! I never really know what I should do weight-wise. And a lot programs suggest just 5lbs…But I don’t often see results. Which is why I think I give up on Strength Training so easily. I am going to try the same workout with heavier weights!


  2. Oh no I’ve been doing it all wrong. My 80kg dead lift today must have set me back months on my quest for toning! 😉
    In all seriousness a new born baby weighs 8ish pounds and we pick then up all day every day as they grow, what the hell is 3-5 pound weights going to do!


  3. Funny stuff. It’s insulting though. All of this bad exercise science is doled out as a form of condescension. Women can, and should, lift more weight than they think… that is, if they want to. Some of the men are coming up a little light on those lifts too. REAL strength training is good for men and women… stronger muscles (not bigger), stronger bones, stronger heart, and too many things to list. There’s nothing wrong with using the lighter weights, and going for reps, but please don’t do it because you believe you are “toning.” It’s time for this kind of thing to go away, or at least be made fun of by legit fitness sites… like yours, Suzanne.


  4. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, that will give you some muscles… even smaller muscles – not & especially if you do not change or progress. For absolute newbies, you will see something but.. well, 🙂


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