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A Journey Continued: My Bilateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

Hello, lovely. I wrote this over three years ago and since then, I’ve been contacted by many women either considering a mastectomy or wanting to return to training after the surgery. A common thread among women I talk to is that they feel uninformed and confused. I do not believe most surgeons communicate enough about the risks and long-term effects of mastectomies, which is, as one woman said to me, “sad and really an injustice.” For some, having a mastectomy is life-saving; for {Read More…}

Training Lies: Use 3-5 Pound Weights for Muscle Definition!

Ugh! I came across this video awhile back that not only had me aghast but barfing all over my desk. I just can’t overstate the ludicrous nature of this “celebrity workout,” which uses baby weights and a nice dose of male condescension. According to celebrity trainer Steve Moyer, actress Zoe Saldana gets her slim, “toned” body by lifting no more than 3-5 pound weights and a microscopic resistance band. Thankfully, Moyer says Zoe is a “model” client – that is, she does what’s she’s {Read More…}

Clarifying Clean Eating: Moving to the Next Level

Occasionally I’ll read a nutritionist’s “healthy” food suggestions that I don’t consider clean eating at all. Take “whole-grain” pita chips and crackers, for example, which are refined food products. If you’re looking for fiber, there’s hella better alternatives than a snack containing half your daily sodium allowance and a long list of undecipherable ingredients. When it comes to clean eating, you have to start where you are. If a typical snack for you consists of Fritos and ranch-style dip, then whole-grain pita chips are a step up in {Read More…}