56 Reasons to Lose Weight BEFORE the End of the Year

I see you over there, shutting your calendar. You’ve decided to lose weight, alright – but you’re waiting til the new year.

But not so fast – there are 56 days left in this year. That’s two whole months (or about 1,344 hours, to be precise). I can’t think of a single reason to wait til the new year to start losing weight. Not one.

Amber lost 6 inches in 8 weeks

Amber lost 6 inches in 8 weeks

Oh, you might have your reasons:

“Why should I deprive myself  when everyone else is devouring homemade fudge and holiday gift baskets?” 

“Why bother trying to lose weight when there’s so many temptations?” 

“Don’t ya worry ’bout me – I’ll just set a New Year’s resolution!”

On the contrary, I can think of 56 reasons to start losing weight before January – one reason for every day left in this year. Take a look – do any of these sound good to you?

  1. There really isn’t more temptation this time of year – it will always be there.
  2. Life ain’t never slowing down – it’s only speeding up every year, believe me.
  3. If you start sooner, you could feasibly be 8 pounds lighter by the end of the year! (One pound for every week.)
  4. Then you’ll be ahead of everyone else who actually gained weight the last two months.
  5. By January you’ll already be rocking clean-eating habits while everyone else is feeling desperate and guilty.
  6. You’ll start noticing that you’re stronger and tighter within just a few weeks.
  7. News stations will call your house asking to interview you (be sure to mention me).
  8. You’ll be strong as hell from lifting weights while everyone else is still on the couch.
  9. You’ll avoid the greasy potato skins that always make you constipated.
  10. You won’t have to quietly give up your New Year’s resolution along with the other 92% of resolution setters [1].
  11. You’ve got a vacation in mind next year.
  12. You want to look HOT for that vacation.
  13. Your boss will think you’re a tower of willpower.
  14. But you’ll know you don’t need “willpower” to lose weight. It’s all about leveraging micro-goals, yo?
  15. You’ll still be able to fit into the clothes you just bought (or need smaller ones).
  16. You won’t be stuck on a cardio machine every day in January (or now!).
  17. You want to feel better about yourself in the present, not in 8 weeks.
  18. Your significant other will have yet another reason to brag about you.56 Reasons to Lose Weight BEFORE the End of the Year
  19. You’ll set the example of a strong, determined woman to your kids or friends.
  20. Your blood pressure will go down.
  21. Your cholesterol will decrease.
  22. You’ll reduce your risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
  23. You’ll have fewer aches and pain, if any.
  24. Your confidence will increase.
  25. Other people will probably notice a difference before you do, but you won’t be able to believe it.
  26. By January you’ll be in a smaller clothes size.
  27. You can start learning new recipes and ways of cooking food.
  28. You’ll find new favorite foods.
  29. You’ll be surprised that you don’t even like certain foods anymore.
  30. You’ll notice your waist gets smaller first, and this makes you smile.
  31. You’ll leave more room for healthy foods to fuel your body.
  32. You’ll be proud of committing and following through.
  33. You’ll feel confident about lifting heavy things because you’re a weight-room goddess!
  34. Moving more will become a non-negotiable part of your day.
  35. Your metabolism will kick into gear and burn fuel more efficiently – which means you’ll burn more fat instead of storing it.
  36. You won’t be out of breath when you take the stairs.
  37. You’ll enjoy indulging more because it will be guilt-free.
  38. Protein will become your best friend because it helps you stay full and build muscle.
  39. You’ll make new friends online who are also committed to a leaner body.
  40. You’ll feel more energized in the afternoons as you start energy more nutritious foods and lifting.
  41. That means no more crashing at 2 o’clock – you’ve learned how to eat for all-day energy.
  42. You might just fall in love with lifting weights, because it makes you feel powerful and strong.
  43. You’ll learn to listen to your real hunger cues instead of emotional hunger.
  44. You’ll have an inspiring story to tell.
  45. Muscles are sexy. Get ’em.
  46. You’ll love your tranforming body as it responds to an effective plan.
  47. You’ll feel better about having your picture taken during the holidays.
  48. When someone offers you a treat, you can say ‘”no” unapologetically.
  49. You’ll gain a mental toughness from sticking to a plan.
  50. You’ll sleep better.
  51. Your joint health will improve.
  52. You’ll lose the weight slow and steady, which means keeping it off.
  53. Your mood will improve.
  54. You learn that YOU come first or you can’t take care of anyone else.
  55. The best Christmas gift you could give is to be healthier and happier.
  56. You deserve all of this.

So maybe you’re a little motivated now. You can see that there are plenty of reasons to start before January. How exactly should you start?

Then, start tracking your food right away. You want to utilize every day to start losing rocking new habits for the long term. Questions? Hit me. I love hearing from readers.

This article originally appeared on www.workoutnirvana.com.

17 thoughts on “56 Reasons to Lose Weight BEFORE the End of the Year

  1. I love #5. Just a little bit competitive, huh?
    Although if people don’t follow your advice, we’ll have a larger client pool to draw from come January…. 😉


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