[Video] How to Set up for Barbell Hip Thrusts

Barbell hip thrusts are a fantastic strength-training glutes builder, but you need to keep adding weight to the bar to progress. And even if you’re crazy motivated to build sexy glutes, it can seem intimidating to get under larger loads.

Barbell hip thrusts are not for beginning trainees. You need to master glute bridges and hip thrusts in their various progressions before adding weight.  If you’re not quite ready to use an Olympic-sized barbell with bigger plates that roll over your legs, see how to set up using a preloaded bar. If you’re using an Oly bar with smaller plates that won’t roll over your legs, you can easily set each end of the bar on a plate to elevate the bar (see pic here). You can also start with your shoulders and feet on the floor instead of shoulders-elevated.

Remember to own it! If you have a strong core and a good foundation of lower body strength, you could be ready sooner than you think. Check out my how-to video to learn the simple steps:

Questions? Just leave them in the comments below or drop me a line!

This article originally appeared on www.workoutnirvana.com.

15 thoughts on “[Video] How to Set up for Barbell Hip Thrusts

  1. Love training my glutes but I often forget this exercise. I do single leg bridges and sgl leg Romanian deadlifts often but I know this will hit my backside in a whole different way. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Any tips for maneuvering the bar over your legs when you use plates with a smaller diameter than the 45lb plates? The gym I used to go to had plates of the same diameter no matter the weight so it was easy to roll it over it over my legs. At my new gym they don’t have those plates, so I have to struggle to get it up over my legs.


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