Show Up for Yourself as an Experienced Woman Lifter

Who are the women who see ridiculously good results with strength training?

Usually, it’s not novice lifters. That’s because most newbies won’t have the dedication and resilience needed to see their body change significantly through weightlifting.

We  hear all about beginners and what holds them back – fear of bulking up, gullibility around fads, listening to celebrity trainers, doing too much cardio, not eating enough, eating too much, and using shitty form, to name a few.

So much content out there is geared towards women who want to spot reduce and perform weights “circuits” every session instead of conventional strength training.

Experienced women lifters get the short end of the stick.

As a woman who’s been lifting for awhile, you have other challenges to deal with. A muffin top may have settled in as an uninvited guest. You have just enough time to train; leisurely sessions at the gym are a thing of the past. The results are coming a lot less frequently now, or maybe not at all. There’s aches and pains you might be ignoring, hoping they’ll go away. Or you’re having trouble getting back in the training habit after a hiatus.

Despite all this, you’re stupid in love with weightlifting and what it can do for you. No one has to convince you it’s the right thing to do. You’ve studied the principles and get that you’re still a student of weightlifting, because there’s always more to learn.

You understand the power of resistance training in shaping your body and making you feel more confident – like you own it in the weight room and beyond.

Embracing Freakdom

I’ve seen through my online training groups and personal training business that women like you are a rare breed. You’re a freak, a term Chris Brogan uses to describe “someone obsessed with excellence and a deep understanding of their domain… passionate about something the average person might not be, at least not to their level, and have gone on to make success from it.”

Other women look at you in a somewhat tolerant, dismissive manner when you say you lift weights.

Oh really… You’re going the gym again? Uh, what do you do there exactly? How do you stand all the “meatheads” and the grunting… ?

It’s worth it though, because you know that the power of consistent strength training can shape your body into a masterpiece.

When it comes to lifting, you aren’t afraid of jack.

Except one thing: Not getting what you want.

It Will Happen

  • You wonder if you’ll ever do just one mofo pull up on your own
  • Adding weight to the bar doesn’t help you get stronger or bigger
  • You abs stay stubbornly hidden under a layer of fat
  • You get sick of being injured all the time
  • Recovering between workouts is taking fo-evah!
  • You’ve become downright bored by your workouts
  • Let’s just be blunt – you don’t know what to do next.

It’s when you think you’ve got this that you come to realize that your body hasn’t actually changed in a long time.

The thing is, it’s perfectly normal to hit a place that doesn’t feel as good. That’s not to say it’s not preventable, but it will happen to most trainees. The question is, will you stand still and try to force your way through, or will you do something differently?

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You: Experienced Woman Lifter

I know what it’s like to be driven to find out just what you can do to shape your body with weights. I don’t care if it’s for a photo shoot, wedding, vacation, milestone birthday, or just because. Whatever the reason, it’s valid.

The question is: How will you show up for yourself and make that happen?

The first thing you haven’t done yet? Acknowledge that you’re an experienced woman lifter, and have some different challenges that you need to stop ignoring.

I talk about how you can break through with weights in my free ebook and in other articles, but the one driving force for success is a commitment to show up for your own results. If you’re motivated to change the way you train, you’ll see the results you want. If, however, you’re stuck on doing something a particular way or aren’t dedicated to consistent training sessions, it won’t happen.

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10 thoughts on “Show Up for Yourself as an Experienced Woman Lifter

  1. Great insight – especially about how when we think “I’ve got this,” it is probably time to change it all up again. I’m not in love with weightlifiting, but we have a mutually respectful friendship and life is much better when I’m able to strength train two to three times a week. 🙂


  2. I am getting better and stronger when it comes to weights. I know with continued work and focus I will get that unassisted pullup done one day. It may not be my first love, but anything that helps me with being stronger and safer for my other interests is definitely important in my book. 🙂


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