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Show Up for Yourself as an Experienced Woman Lifter

Who are the women who see ridiculously good results with strength training? Usually, it’s not novice lifters. That’s because most newbies won’t have the dedication and resilience needed to see their body change significantly through weightlifting. We  hear all about beginners and what holds them back – fear of bulking up, gullibility around fads, listening to celebrity trainers, doing too much cardio, not eating enough, eating too much, and using shitty form, to name a few. So much content out there is geared towards women who want to {Read More…}

Every Day is a Vacation with Colorado Recreation

As I biked along the Yampa River last weekend, I marveled at my energy level. We’d hiked five miles of steep terrain earlier that day, yet were still going strong. I knew it was because I could take in the beautiful Colorado scenery all day, every day. When I first visited Colorado back in 1985, I was a Texas 20-something awed by the Rocky Mountains. Today I call Colorado my home and am still inspired by its magnificence. There’s something even more healing about being active in majestic {Read More…}