Why You’ll Fail At Losing Weight

I don’t pretend to have all the answers about losing fat. Hell, fat loss isn’t easy for anyone, and if you say it is you’d be lying. There’s a certain fear and discomfort around changing our habits and adjusting how much or what we eat. Saboteurs lurk within our own heads and in our environments. And even if you eat healthy and exercise every day, there’s no guarantee you’ll lose fat.

But as long as you have these two things, changing your body is within reach:

Commitment     Accountability

Why You'll Fail at Losing WeightI wish there were other words I could use – commitment and accountability are tired, overused words. Nonetheless, they are powerful.

Commitment and accountability go hand-in-hand – you need both to succeed.

When you make a commitment, you cannot fail – unless you lack accountability. When you know someone is watching you, you’re way more likely to kick ass. When no one’s watching, it’s just too easy to go back to your old ways (before they’re even old).

You can be accountable in a lot of different ways, like faithfully tracking your progress, hiring a coach, or working out with a friend. But this is where most people miss the boat.

We think we can do it by ourselves. But in most cases, we can’t.

We need accountability – someone to say, “Hey! You’re not doing what you said you’d do. Need help?”

What about commitment? Seems easy enough – just think it in your head: “I’m starting a diet now.” You’ve found a diet to follow and bought the right food. You’ve joined a gym and have figured out exactly when you’ll go. You’re starting Monday – it’s a fresh start.

The only problem is, you don’t have accountability. And before too long, work gets busy and you can’t make it to the gym. Parties and special occasions crop up and eating goes out the window.

It’s inevitable. Life happens.

Yes, there are plenty of other ingredients to successful fat loss, like a dogged-like determination and knowledge about what to do. But without commitment and accountability, these other things won’t help a bit.

You can be determined as hell but not truly committed. And even if you know exactly what it takes to lose fat, without accountability, you’ll most likely hit roadblocks.

So how do you get to true commitment and accountability – your two top priorities when embarking on changing your body composition?

Warning! Growth Opportunity Ahead.

One way to get both accountability and commitment is to join a community of people who have similar goals. A group can be online or a local, but by joining you’re committing to your goal – to lose extra fat and be stronger and healthier. You know, happier with your body.

But wait – does the thought of joining a group make you feel uncomfortable?

It should.

Joining a group means making a commitment and being held accountable. It’s saying, When I slack off, call me on my shit. When I feel like quitting, remind me why I’m doing this. 

It means being a tiny bit vulnerable.

Sure, you could join a group and never make a peep. You could be a lurker, still benefiting from the information but not opening yourself up to others. But then you’re not benefiting from the two key areas you need help with the most: accountability and commitment.

There’s nothing saying you have to be an active participant in a group to benefit. But reinforcing your commitment and accountability along the way gives you a much better chance. Things like:

  • Making exquisitely small, innocuous changes you can sustain.
  • Writing down your goals and actually looking at them every. damn. day.
  • Reading what your coach gives you.
  • And of course, connecting with fellow members instead of fading away.

Doing the work.

There are major benefits to joining a group like Lean and Strong, my online women’s training group. Not only do you have access to a group of supportive, like-minded women, but you have my eyes on your progress. You have structured workouts and customized nutrition. You get an education about everything fitness and nutrition. And did I mention accountability and commitment?

I titled this post, “Why You’ll Fail at Losing Weight.” But I want you to succeed. You can do this.

This article first appeared on www.workoutnirvana.com.

13 thoughts on “Why You’ll Fail At Losing Weight

  1. Commitment and accountability – the often missing ingredients. I think many people start motivated but when that leaves (and it will) they lack those two things and that is why they stop. Well said! And Good Luck to the group!


  2. The same questions I get over and over from people is how I lost 110 pounds and how I kept going/had willpower not to quit. They never like my answer–I decided I wasn’t going to fail. I was going to lose that 100 pounds. Period! Failing wasn’t an option and I stayed with it, did the work, and lost the weight. I’ve kept it off for like 6 years now because I am STILL working on it!


  3. It’s so hard to find TRUE accountability! Most people are too nice to tell you the truth or they get involved in their own stuff and don’t pay attention to what’s going on with anyone else. I know that not having my workout buddy to keep me on track has really caused my fitness to suffer this spring.


  4. One of the reasons I succeeded was that I set up a ton of accountability along the way, I called it setting myself up for success rather than failure. I made a commitment to workout with a friend and then brought my friends and family in on my progress, which held me accountable. I still do that and am currently doing it with my running group. 🙂


  5. YUP & accountability for sure.. I can do it alone but many can not & need a class or course like yours to help them OR a trainer.. 🙂

    We have to dig deep to keep ourselves going & changing it up is helpful too PLUS finding an activity that you will stick with. 🙂


    • Years of practice helps, as does a healthy relationship with food. You are right that we have to dig deep on this, Jody, especially if we want to go outside the box and change things!


  6. Commitment and accountability are two of the hardest things to maintain without good support. I just joined a cross fit and I love the accountability it has given me and as far as commitment goes, well it is a lot of money a month to waste by not going. I think your group looks awesome and maybe after my marathon, training starts in July, I will join!


    • Fantastic Toni! Wow, that’s a good point about spending the money. I find that the less people spend on something, the less committed they are. And I would LOVE to have you in one of my programs!


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