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How to Use Micro-Goals to Blast Away Fat

Losing weight isn’t easy – it’s uncomfortable to change the way you eat. It’s pretty typical to lose motivation before getting very far and ending up feeling like a failure. That’s why I help my clients who want to lose weight set micro-goals – small but meaningful daily actions that lead to reaching a bigger goal. They’re so successful that I want to share them with you, too. Even studies have shown that: Smaller behavioral changes could produce initial weight loss and be easier to {Read More…}

The Art of Food Tracking (Part 3)

I haven’t always been so enlightened about clean eating. In my 20’s and early 30’s I suffered from severe digestive issues that caused me to lie down every day in pain. Every time I ate, my stomach blew up like a balloon, and I felt fatigued and groggy on a daily basis. I accepted this as the norm and didn’t even consider that my diet was contributing. It was something of a transformation when I became aware of what I ate. Once I {Read More…}

Why You’ll Fail At Losing Weight

I don’t pretend to have all the answers about losing fat. Hell, fat loss isn’t easy for anyone, and if you say it is you’d be lying. There’s a certain fear and discomfort around changing our habits and adjusting how much or what we eat. Saboteurs lurk within our own heads and in our environments. And even if you eat healthy and exercise every day, there’s no guarantee you’ll lose fat. But as long as you have these two things, changing your body {Read More…}

The Art of Food Tracking (Part 2)

We all eat mindlessly to some extent, even when we eat clean. What and how we eat are set to automatic pilot, which is one reason it’s so hard to make meaningful changes to our diets. But stalking your diet (i.e., food tracking), even for a short time, can help you make both small tweaks or gradual, bigger changes that have a big impact on your life and health. In Part 1 of this series, I talked about how and why to get {Read More…}

The Art of Food Tracking (Part 1)

Tracking your food to see what and how much you eat may seem a bit like spying on yourself, but it’s an extremely effective way to reach your fat-loss goals. And while you might imagine yourself tediously scribbling what you just ate on a lunch napkin (much to the chagrin of your coworkers), food tracking is more of an art these days than an inconvenience. The secret to getting the most out of food tracking is having a system, and that’s what this three-part {Read More…}