A Fun, Full-Body Resistance Band Workout

Fun, full-body resistance band workout

Are you serious about your workouts? Then it’s time to lighten up! Exercising should be fun, and sometimes that means just being silly. Not that we aren’t serious about our results, but letting ourselves relax, make mistakes, and have fun will motivate us to keep going.

The workout I’m demonstrating today is a full-body resistance band workout that you can scale to your own level by using different resistances. This form of strength training provide constant tension to the muscles and a completely different stimulus. I love how portable bands are and I always pack them in my suitcase. Grab a resistance band and exercise anywhere – a park, a hotel, or your own backyard.

In this strengthening outdoor workout, I’m using a light Rubberbanditz resistance band. You already know how much I love Rubberbanditz bands for assisted pull ups, but did you know these bands can be used to train your entire body? When you move fast without resting between exercises, you burn more fat, too.

Here’s your workout tips. Watch the video to learn the moves (exercise descriptions below).

  • Do this workout as a circuit, with no rest between exercises until you complete them all. Then rest for 30-60 seconds and repeat for 3-5 total rounds (if doing more than 3, use a very light band).
  • Do 8-12 repetitions per exercise.
  • Keep the tension tight in the band by pulling the band with your hands.
  • Always do both sides of your body, even though I’m not showing it in my demo (that gets boring!).

And be sure to watch the end for a few fun bloopers *wink*.


Squat to Press. Stand on that band with both feet. Hold the band, keeping your hands at about shoulder height. Sit back on heels to lower into a squat, keeping your back flat. Then push your arms up as you stand up and lower them when you squat down. Only squat down as far as it’s comfortable for you, stopping before your back rounds.

Lateral Walks. Step on the band and grab it with both hands so that there’s plenty of tension. Take steps to the side while not letting your feet come too close together.

Hip Abduction. Stand on the band with two feet, your knees soft and not locked out. Raise your leg to the side and contract your glute at the top.

Chest Press. Stand with one foot on the band, holding it with two hands, arms straight out in front of you. Pull your elbows behind you, keeping them at about 45 degrees, and then push straight ahead.

Bent-over Row. Stand with both feet on the band and bent at the hips, keeping your knees slightly bent. Cross the band and hold opposite ends with each hand. Bring your elbows straight back behind you, activating your lats.

Hip Extension. To really target your glutes, stand on the band with both feet and put your left foot behind your right. Holding the band with both hands, extend your left leg behind you, contract your left glute. Repeat for reps.

Band-Resisted Pushup – Wrap the band around your upper back and get into a plank position on your toes and hands. Hold the band tight under both hands to create tension and lower your chest to the ground. Then push up! Note: If you’re not quite to resisted pushups, do pushups with a band or pushups on your knees.

Leg Press. Wrap the band around both feet and lie on your back, holding the band in both hands to create tension. Raise your legs to about table top and push your legs to straighten them. You can adjust the angle to work different parts of your legs.

Lateral Shoulder Raise. Stand on the band with both feet holding onto the band with one hand. Bring your arm up to the side to about shoulder height, then back down, keeping the tension in the band.

Pull Apart. Hold the band in each hand and stretch it across your chest with straight arms. Pull your shoulder blades together and pause, keeping your shoulders back. Then extend straight arms in front of you.

Overhead Tricep Extension. Stand with both feet on the band holding the band in one hand. Raise your arm and hinge at the elbow so that your forearm lowers behind your head. Lower down.

Bicep Curl. Stand on the band with both feet and hold the band in both hands. Keeping your elbows glued to your sides, raise your arms to about chest height, squeezing your biceps at the top. Lower down for reps.

Seated Oblique Twist. Sit in a straddle position and wrap the band around your right foot. Grab it with both hands to create tension and rotate your upper body to left, contracting your oblique muscles. Don’t use your arms! Then switch sides.

Thanks to my friend Amy Abraham at Powered By You Training Studio and my adorable daughter for helping me with the filming. They are just as silly as I am!

This article originally appeared on www.workoutnirvana.com.

25 thoughts on “A Fun, Full-Body Resistance Band Workout

  1. I love resistance bands. It’s really amazing how the constant tension of band can be so challenging to your muscles. We use them a lot in conjunction with yoga style moves – like warrior two with a tricep press – in training sessions.


  2. I love this, I try to workout sometimes at work and have a little bit of equipment available, including a resistance band. I love the video for help since I am a very visual person. Thanks!


  3. Great video! I have resistance bands at home but only knew a limited range of exercises and really appreciate this helpful demonstration of different moves!!


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