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The Guide to Clean Eating on Autopilot

Clean eating continues to be the easy target of tired attacks in recent years. The in-vogue bashers call it obsessive, overly restrictive, and ill-defined, but these criticisms are ignorant and usually accompanied by a hidden agenda. Ironically, clean eating is a series of simple habits that make obsessing and restricting completely unnecessary. Sure, you can get neurotic about pretty much anything if you have that propensity to begin with, including counting calories, measuring food, weighing yourself, and basically monitoring yourself to the Nth degree. And if you haven’t read Tosca Reno’s The Eat Clean Diet, {Read More…}

A Fun, Full-Body Resistance Band Workout

Are you serious about your workouts? Then it’s time to lighten up! Exercising should be fun, and sometimes that means just being silly. Not that we aren’t serious about our results, but letting ourselves relax, make mistakes, and have fun will motivate us to keep going. The workout I’m demonstrating today is a full-body resistance band workout that you can scale to your own level by using different resistances. This form of strength training provide constant tension to the muscles and a completely different {Read More…}

Training With Style [Momentum Workout Jewelry Review]

I love workout jewelry so much. I’ve even fantasized about creating my own line of jewelry that would be durable, stylish, and express what I’m feeling while I’m crushing iron in my personal nirvana. And as both a personal trainer and someone who spends a lot of time in the gym, I need all the additional style I can get. I’ve been known to wear leather cuffs and necklaces in the gym, but you don’t see jewelry labeled as “workout-friendly” {Read More…}