Training to Look Hot – It’s Ok

You might think it takes a lot of kahunas to start an online training group dedicated to helping women build muscle definition that makes people look twice.

After all, isn’t it “shallow” to focus on one’s appearance instead of “performing better?” Nope.

A lot of women are motivated by looking better – I’ve read studies saying so, but I don’t need a study to tell me that.

Sure, overall conditioning and feeling fantastic are great motivators. But what’s wrong with wanting to look hot? You know – making heads turn when you walk by because you have deltoids that go BOOM and a booty that salutes?

Absolutely nothing.

But you’ll hear people say things about how you shouldn’t focus on our appearance – that you should focus on non-aesthetic motivators, like being able to jump on top of a tall box or run a fast mile. That stuff is great, but who are they to tell you what makes you tick – what drives you?

As someone who is clearly addicted to strength training, I can tell you aesthetics aren’t even the whole reason I lift. I get high from being strong. I get over-the-top confidence from knowing my shit. I love the feeling of lifting, the power I feel both in and out of the weight room.

Plus weightlifting is just damn fun.

I’m also addicted to helping other women find the same benefits. I support women in wanting to get the arms they envy, add shape and muscle that makes heads turn, and be proud of their bodies.

I do not apologize for wanting muscle definition that makes people look twice and there’s no reason you should either.

When I started writing this blog four years ago, one of the first posts I wrote was Vanity rocks. My philosophy hasn’t changed; in fact, I recently came full circle back to sharing this more fully.

Look, when you strength train for muscle definition (at least using my methods) you will perform better. It’s a byproduct of increasing neuromuscular control and strength. The way I program my clients, they also enjoy better flexibility, posture, sleep, range of motion, power, and you got it – overall functioning. Most of us are not athletes – we just want to feel energetic and healthy. And you get that with training for muscle.

Do we just train for what we see in mirror? No – we train every muscle in our body in a balanced, intelligent way, and even emphasize areas that are underdeveloped or commonly forgotten. We train safely, too, by strengthening stabilizer muscles and not overdoing push movements.

The next time you get a judgmental comment or look from someone who thinks you should train for “movements, not muscles,” tell them to get back to you when you’re as hot and athletic as you’ve ever been.

Be Fierce.

19 thoughts on “Training to Look Hot – It’s Ok

  1. Feeling good in your skin is a great goal! I love helping clients feel good in their favorite jeans or feel confident enough to wear a tank top. Looking food makes you more confident and capable of taking on your dreams!


  2. Great article! This is what I think of when I hear you say “owning it” — all that hard work adds up to so many great results, and if one of them is a beautiful body, why should we have to deny the pleasure of owning that, too? It doesn’t come on its own so let’s celebrate the results.


    • Truth Shelley! Yes, yes, yes. Owning it means being proud of your hard work and the way you take care of yourself. Not everyone does that, and it really is something to have pride in!


  3. While I had a lot of medical reasons for losing 100+ pounds, vanity certainly played a big part! I was tired of being fat. I was tired of being ignored by people because of how I looked. It was a big motivator!


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