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Stay Strong Despite Muscle Naysayers

Last week I talked about allowing each other to embrace our desire to look hot. It might seem obvious, but there’s a lot of pushback around training for aesthetics. If you feel comfortable admitting that you do, great – you haven’t bought into the “movements, not muscles” dogma. But these days, there’s so many voices in the fitness world dictating what we should be doing when we need to train in ways that are best for us. There’s also a lot {Read More…}

Training to Look Hot – It’s Ok

You might think it takes a lot of kahunas to start an online training group dedicated to helping women build muscle definition that makes people look twice. After all, isn’t it “shallow” to focus on one’s appearance instead of “performing better?” Nope. A lot of women are motivated by looking better – I’ve read studies saying so, but I don’t need a study to tell me that. Sure, overall conditioning and feeling fantastic are great motivators. But what’s wrong with wanting {Read More…}

5 Fixable Roadblocks to More Muscle

Last week I talked about the common mistake women make of focusing too much on body fat when trying to get to standout muscle definition. While it’s true that a lower body fat helps rock a sculpted, athletic body, it’s not the only factor. Today I’m revealing several other roadblocks that stand in the way of more muscle that make people look twice. Poor Posture Poor posture isn’t something we have just because we’re tired or unaware of how we’re sitting. Rounded, hunched {Read More…}

Why Your Body Fat Isn’t Preventing You from Looking Cut

Last week I was training next to a woman for awhile and watching her out of the corner of my eye. I do this out of habit, probably my professional side waiting to be impressed by her knowledge or form. And I was impressed – she pushed 45-50 pounds overhead with relative ease and you just don’t see that very often. I was amazed that she followed this immediately by doing pushups. I, on the other hand, was wicked tired already and barely {Read More…}

Muscle Definition That Makes People Look Twice

Since I haven’t quite mastered the art of mind reading, I was pumped to see the answers to the survey I conducted last week. Sure, as a personal trainer and group coach I have ideas about my readers’ true desires and roadblocks. But guessing is never a good idea when it comes to helping people reach their ideal body and health. So what were the survey results and how do they affect you – a gal or guy who lifts (or aspires to)? When you’re {Read More…}