Break Through in the Weight Room

We're all seeking the best version of ourselvesI’ve always felt the pull to explore. It’s what propelled me to relocate three times (once on my own), expand my writing career into personal training, and continue many smaller changes along the way.

That doesn’t mean change isn’t scary to me. I cherish my cozy home, family, and routines. I’ve even had anxiety attacks and other physical symptoms of stress around times of change. And there have been times when I simply hid while I processed what I wanted so badly but feared at the same time.

But for me, staying fenced in – stuck in a rut – is more terrifying than the discomfort of new roles and environments. So I’m driven to explore and get closer to what’s in my heart.

When you look at the “new” Workout Nirvana you’re seeing what I’ve always known to be true in my heart. A gritty toughness that lives just beyond the politeness of everyday life. A rebel who feels empowered by lifting weights.  A slightly outrageous jester seeking wildness and verve in an ordinary day. And a woman determined to share the power of the iron and clean eating, both mental and the physical, with other sisters.

The Problem of Trying to Do It All Yourself

Lifting weights is something anyone can do. Read a book, take a class, get a few personal training sessions – and you can lift weights. Hell, you can go to the gym and teach yourself just by watching other people.

For awhile, the results are pretty badass.

The problem begins with not knowing where to go next when progress naturally slows down. Or chronic, niggling injuries. For some women, there’s a certain hesitancy holding them back. Intimidation of what has been the domain of mostly men… fear of becoming more like a man. Or seeing weightlifting as a necessary evil instead of a pathway to self-empowerment.

Even women who already love and trust weightlifting face roadblocks. It’s easy to become frustrated, because you know your transformation is nowhere near complete. 

No One Should be Stopped

This was me some years ago. I had above-average muscle definition and knew my way around the weight room. But I had stopped progressing. I wasn’t getting stronger and I was confused about the best way to train. I made mistakes most everyone makes without knowing it. I knew there was much more to learn – a bigger picture I was missing along with important details. I wanted more muscle and I wanted to lift more weight. I was stopped, and for a woman who is driven by a need to keep progressing, keep exploring, this wasn’t good.

I was about to hire a personal trainer when a succession of epiphanies hit me that led to my becoming certified as a personal trainer. My passion, and now my career, are fitness and nutrition, and the education never stops. I now teach others not only how to train smarter, but how to kill it as a woman in the weight room.

Becoming a fitness professional isn’t the right answer for most women. But it’s in your power to learn from someone who understands where you are and teach you what to do next.

Reaching the Best Version of Yourself

I believe we each long to be closer to our own hearts, to be living what is in our hearts. I also believe we hunger to reach the potential we know that’s within us. 

In the coming weeks I’ll be offering something created for you: a woman who lifts and wants more.



That’s why I’m collecting your opinions, desires, frustrations, and haikus in my Spring 2014 Survey. The answers will help me refine and polish the exciting projects coming to you soon. I want to know your pain points, your pride points, and whatever’s holding you back from getting exactly where you want to be, both physically and mentally.

To show my gratitude for completing this five-minute survey, you’ll be entered to win something that’s very dear to my heart: A set of Rubberbanditz pull-up bands in the resistance right for your level and body weight. I use these bands with all my clients to get to unassisted pull ups faster and I use them to continually increase my own pull ups.

(Hurry – the giveaway ends Wed, March 26th at midnight MT.)

5 Powerful Ways to Break Out of Your Weightlifting RutThere’s more to a fit, strong body than weightlifting, of course… Eating a wholesome natural diet is another essential ingredient. If you’re confused about how to stop self-sabotaging behaviors around food and start eating for your goals, you’re not alone. My survey helps me know you and your struggles even better so I can continue helping clients reach their best version of themselves.

Stoke your progress. Complete my Spring Survey and be the first to know about what’s coming (and get access to my free mini-ebook, 5 Powerful Ways to Break Out of Your Weightlifting Rut).

See you in nirvana ~
:: Suzanne

Btw…  The fabulous person who designed my web site is Rita Barry at BlogGenie. I highly recommend her for personalized, spot-on service!

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16 thoughts on “Break Through in the Weight Room

  1. Everything looks great!
    I like the point about not trying to do it all yourself. I have fallen into that myself. It’s important to realize you can’t be an expert at everything and that everyone needs some help now and again.


  2. How exciting! Love the direction you are taking with your brand. BTW, I filled out the survey but might have hit accept a few times, so please don’t think I’m trying to stalk you. 🙂


  3. Love the redesign. I took the quiz – some of the questions didn’t totally pertain to me so I had to just put something. I did realize that I don’t follow you in other social media so I’m going to fix that.


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