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How to STOP Using Momentum When Strength Training

Everyone’s seen it: A gym-goer working hard to crush it but instead is standing in their own way. How? They’re using momentum to complete the reps instead of the power of their own muscles. We raise our eyebrows when we see someone swinging their body during bicep curls, but the truth is, you, too, might be using momentum without even knowing it. And it’s not even entirely your fault. Newton’s second law of motion, the Law of Acceleration, states that “the rate of {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: Selfies and Building Muscle

My goal with lifting weights is building muscle and strength, but to what end? Definitely for a strong, healthy body, but also for aesthetics. I’m transparent about training for aesthetics – it’s one reason I don’t lift for maximal strength very often. It’s more important to me to build muscle than be the strongest chick on the block. Everyone’s goals are different! I support you in training for aesthetics, too. As long as you also train your back, haha – {Read More…}

Tips for Serving a Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

No one is excited about the prospect of gaining weight over the holidays. After all, it’s not just one meal that comprises this season – it’s a series of parties, special occasions, and indulgences over a six-week period. So I’ve compiled healthy Thanksgiving dinner ideas right here along with tips for how to stick to a clean eating plan over the entire holiday season. When you’re mindful of each event that comes up and cook healthier options when you can, all your strength {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: Are Detoxes, Restriction Part of a Clean Eating Plan?

This week I read two articles that made me ponder: How do detoxes/cleanses and eliminating grains/starches fit in with a clean eating plan? If you’re suffering from digestive woes or want to lose weight, there’s a strong pull to try these two “remedies.” And it’s tough know what’s right when everyone – including the latest best-selling book and everyone in your office – is pushing a new idea. But making major changes to your diet and suffering through fasting can be {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: Are You Vulnerable or Invincible?

These weekly roundups have been more like “sound-offs,” so maybe that’s a more appropriate title. All the same, this week I’m talking about another issue that you’re likely to have a strong opinion about. You work hard in the gym and you’re looking hot. Plus you go heavy with fantastic form and people notice (nice job). Do you keep your head down or enjoy the attention? Disrespect vs. Validation This week I asked my Facebook readers what they thought about {Read More…}

Renewing Your Training with Recovery

Rest days aren’t so bad. After a hard workout you deserve to take it easy the next day. Plus your body needs it. You secretly love it, I know. Yeah, right. Go on, admit it: You think of recovery as something other people do. You? You can go hard every day. You don’t need no stinkin’ rest. And no one’s going to tell you NOT to do what you love. Ok, that’s all good. You can go on the way you {Read More…}