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Friday Roundup: A Client’s Journey to Muscle Definition

This week I received an insightful, honest account from one of my online training clients about how she’s changed her mindset to start losing body fat. Shauna wants to lose 3.5 percent body fat and be in the best shape of her life by next spring. She’s already lost over one percent body fat in the last few weeks! As you can see from her progress pictures, Shauna can now see muscle definition in her abs and is looking hot! Shauna’s Goals {Read More…}

Digging Deep with Self-Myofascial Release

Using foam rollers and other self-massage tools to eliminate aches and pains and improve flexibility is becoming more mainstream for good reason: Self-myofascial release is one of the best things you can do for your muscles and joints. When your muscles are tight and and your range of motion is decreased, joints and muscles don’t function properly. The result is often pain and even injury, sometimes occurring “out of the blue.” For example, if your hips are tight from sitting all {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: Strength Training Mindfully for the Best Progress

Last Friday’s roundup about whether strength training should be gender-specific drew some interesting comments. I’m enjoying the in-depth conversations right here on da blog. This week I’m asking you to think about your training a little differently. I’m also sharing my own thought process about making progress in a long-stagnant area to show you how you can do the same. Why You Doin’ That? It may seem obvious, but unless you have a personal trainer looking out for your goals, you’ve got {Read More…}

How to Use the Six Stages of Behavioral Change

I have a lot of empathy and respect for my training clients who are navigating their chosen path of change. That’s because it’s very common to get stuck when you’re trying to make a change – change is not always easy. How do people make meaningful, long-lasting changes to their health, body, or fitness level? Behavioral change was the subject of an outstanding session at FitSocial 13 by Dr. Denise McGuire, a licensed psychologist at the University of Colorado Center for Integrative Medicine. {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: Should Strength Training Be Gender-Specific?

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who validated what I’ve been feeling for a while: It’s frustrating to be told that female personal trainers and writers should only serve female clients and readers.  That doesn’t mean niches aren’t super valuable. For example, if you want to enjoy the benefits of strength training, optimal conditioning, and healthy eating you can look to to learn how. If you’re looking for advice on running, not so much. But it’s always {Read More…}

Friday Roundup: Move More, Eat Smarter for Faster Metabolism

Last weekend at the FitSocial Conference I was fascinated by the discussions of metabolic flexibility, primarily in the context of losing weight and keeping it off. Having a faster metabolism is a direct result of moving more and eating smarter (among other things), and believe me, it’s worth it to get your metabolism humming. Here are a few key points. Move, Yo? When people blame their inability to lose weight on their metabolism, there is apparently a great deal of truth to {Read More…}