Getting a Workout at the FitSocial Conference ’13

FitSocial exercise classAmong the most popular activities at fitness and blogging conferences are the exercise classes. They’re a chance to try something new and get a workout in, but I’ve typically seen conferences as a chance to recover a bit from my own workouts. Plus I’m usually already familiar with most of the classes and spend my time either socializing, resting, or exploring. (Although I enjoyed taking a Technogym Kinesis class at FitSocial ’12 and I sampled Total Gym at Fitbloggin ’13.)

But the classes at the upcoming FitSocial Conference 2013 are piquing my interest and I just might partake in a few (in addition to lots of walking!). Here they are:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – This type of yoga (also called flow yoga) is movement synchronized with breath in a smooth series of inhalations and exhalations. I’m no yoga expert, but when I’ve done hot yoga in the past, breathing was always an integral part of the movements. I hope they enjoy because I won’t be attending this class – it happens before I arrive early Friday morning.

High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT is a style of training that alternates short, high-intensity bursts with recovery periods and is known to burn calories and jumpstart your metabolism. This class will be led by a professional with the American Council on Exercise, an organization I respect and have taken classes with, so I’d like to make it to this one.

Barre Conditioning – Barre classes integrate a ballet barre for strengthening your core and lower body while training for posture and balance. I have never been to one but my sense is that it’s a great conditioning class and will probably firm up your booty (but perhaps not as effective at building gluteal muscles as strength training). I may check it out just to see what the intensity is like (I’m betting it’s a terrific bum burn).

Tabata Cycle – Tabata is high-intensity interval training and is usually done for four minutes using bodyweight exercises or any number of cardio methods. It’s killer for calorie burn and amping up your metabolism and nice as a workout “finisher.” This class will go for 30 minutes and use cycling as its tool of torture – should be intense! I have to admit my cardiorespiratory system is a bit deconditioned at present, so I’ll have to pass on this one. It’s one of my goals to work back up in coming weeks!

Zumba – I took a Zumba class once and it was fun dancing around with a bunch of other people. It’s hugely popular and does have a good calorie burn – I recommend it for my clients if they have gym memberships and want to lose weight. I’ll probably be in one of the other classes so can’t partake.

Pound – Never heard of this one! The class combines “light resistance with constant simulated drumming” and fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics, and isometrics. Apparently the calorie burn is pretty awesome while you strengthen. If I have time I’d love to watch and report back to you (not sure I want to do a lot of drumming but if it looks like fun I might crash the party- heh!)

Of course, the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center has an amazing fitness center right in the building, and I might be tempted to hit the weights and use their high-tech cardio equipment. Anyone want to join me?

Have you ever done any classes like these? By the way, I wrote about the upcoming FitSocial conference here too – check it out.

7 thoughts on “Getting a Workout at the FitSocial Conference ’13

  1. Great range of workout classes. A few I’ve never heard before (like Pound) but all sound really intense. I’m mostly interested in the Tabata Cycle. 4 minutes of intense mix of bodyweight exercises and cardio sounds like a solid burn. Do you know what bodyweight exercises are used?


  2. I have done Vinyasa before many times and I like it. I also did a Tabata, but during the water aerobics class. It was crazy and I liked how it made me feel. I have only done Zumba once. I’m not sure why I’ve only done it once, because it’s fun and definitely a calorie burner.

    have fun lifting weights in that state-of-the-art gym. Jealous.


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