Learn and Connect at the FitSocial Conference

Anschutz_Health_Wellness_CenterI ‘m getting excited about the FitSocial Conference – a social media and fitness/nutrition event held here in Boulder and Denver. If you don’t live here it’s an excellent opportunity to get a little taste of Colorado, meet people in your field, and optimize your blog. (The aspens aren’t quite turning yet but it’s crisp and sunny – except when it’s storming, oy!)

What exactly is the FitSocial Conference?

Besides a chance to stay in hotels right in my own backyard:

“The 2013 Fitness & Health Social Media Conference, taking place September 26-29 in Boulder and Denver, Colorado, is the premier conference discussing communication of cutting-edge health and fitness information to the public via blogging and social media. This conference is a unique combination of blogging, social media, and hard science.”

I attended this conference in both 2011 and 2012 and enjoyed it immensely each time. Last year we were seriously educated about the issue of obesity in this country by doctors and researchers at the University of Colorado Medical Campus in Aurora, CO.  They mingled with us at dinner and took a lot of time answering all our questions, satisfying my need for the hard science piece of this conference.

Of course, since the FitSocial Conference is also a social media conference, I’ll get to meet lots of people I know in the online fitness/nutrition community but have never met in person.

The first day will be held at the Millennium Hotel in Boulder, and then we’ll all move over to the Anschutz Health & Wellness Center on the University of Colorado medical school campus in Aurora, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. This is where the conference was held last year and it’s an impressive, brand-spankin’ new facility.


Here’s a few of the sessions I’m most excited about (besides the free dinner banquets):

  • Building Your Brand and Monetizing Your Fitness Expertise, led by Fun and Fit‘s Kymberly Williams-Evans & Alexandra Williams (I’ve met Kymberly and Alexandra at other conferences and love their irresistible personalities)
  • Succeeding with YouTube (Still an area I’m trying to find time for – it will happen)
  • SEO for Websites and Blogs, with Tim Resnik
  • Physical Fitness Lab Demonstration, with Dr. Iñigo San Millán
  • Communication of Evidence-Based Health and Wellness Information, presented by Dr. Carol Torgan of the American College of Sports Medicine

Also included are yoga, HIIT, Tabata, cycling, Zumba, and barre conditioning classes. Last year I participated in Technogym’s workout using its 3D pulley system. I love trying new technology!

We’ll see if I can not wear the same clothes as last year (always a noble goal). Stay tuned, as I’ll be sharing what I learn right here.

7 thoughts on “Learn and Connect at the FitSocial Conference

  1. First, thanks for the kind words. Unexpected and very sweet of you. Second, this post is very well-written. If I knew nothing about it, I’d completely “get” it after reading this. See you later this week.


  2. What a shame I cant be there this year. I will definitely make plans for 2014. The whole idea of being together with like minded people sharing ideas, thoughts and experiences is awesome. That in itself would be enough but to also combine it with the hard science element completes the whole event. Hope everyone had an amazing time, see you next year.


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