Friday Roundup: What Caught My Attention This Week

I'm working on eccentric pull-ups using a palms-forward grip (usually do neutral grip). Every grip presents new challenges!

I’m working on eccentric pull-ups using a palms-forward grip (usually do neutral grip). Every grip presents new challenges!

I’m starting a weekly roundup of fitness and nutrition topics I found interesting throughout the week along with what’s happening on da blog. We made it through some crazy weather and flooding here in the Denver/Boulder and I’m grateful we’re safe and sound.

Two Articles of Interest

I was intrigued by two articles in particular this week (let me know your thoughts below).

Fitspo Controversy

If you follow Bret Contreras, you know he’s the popular “Glute Guy” and authority on barbell hip thrusts. I respect his work greatly and have learned a lot from Bret. He also includes pictures of fitness models on his site posing in various seductive positions, ostensibly showing off “great glutes.” This week he actually polled his readers to see if they were offended by these images – wow. But the poll results were even more surprising: 92 percent of his readers weren’t offended by these pictures.

From the perspective of a woman who passionately supports female empowerment, these results blew my mind. The results may simply reflect his readership: People who want to improve their glutes. Perhaps those who aren’t as happy with their butts want to see pictures of what’s possible? But as I posted on my Facebook page this week, everyone’s glutes are so completely different that it’s unlikely any of us will attain the perfect-looking (and probably Photoshopped) butts of fitness models.

My sense is that it can be harmful to women’s self-esteem if they’re constantly held up to unrealistic ideals in media. I’ve seen studies and articles on this topic and will try to dig them up for you next week’s roundup. All in all I was impressed with Bret’s response, however, and he clearly values his readers’ opinions.

Bashing Clean Eating

This morning I happened across yet another article dissing clean eating. It seems that since certain web sites promote clean eating as gluten-free and dairy-free, and even post “clean-eating” desserts, that it rankles some people to no end. I’m not sure whether to be frustrated with these sites or the people who disparage clean eating.

I suppose my main question is: Why do we need to tear apart what works for others? Clean eating is simple: Whole, unprocessed foods. That’s it. I value positive conversation over arguments about who’s “right.” (I talk a lot more about it in my free download and in my clean-eating articles).

News from WorkoutNirvana

  • I updated my online coaching info so that prospective clients have a better idea what to expect when they train with me. My goal is to be as transparent as possible so that the people who can benefit from training feel completely comfortable committing to reaching their goals with me! I also published my rates for the first time – woot. I’ve been coaching clients online for nearly a year now and it’s been a tremendous experience helping people get leaner, more defined, and more knowledgeable about lifting and healthy eating!
  • I updated my About Me page to tell you a little more about what kinds of roads I’ve been down. You might be surprised that I was in a car accident years ago that still affects me today (but strength training has helped!).
  • I got to hang out with Lindsay Cotter and her readers and guest posted about 5 Ways to Get Better Results from Strength Training. Check it out – Lindsay is a beautiful lady inside and out!

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Coming Up Next Week

And finally, I’m excited to be heading to Boulder and Aurora for the 2013 FitSocial Conference September 27-29. (I’ll be writing a bit more about it soon and attended in 2012 and 2011.) This conference provides presentations from experts in the obesity, fitness, nutrition, and blogging fields and I find it to be more geared toward the fitness professional than other fitness and blogging conferences. The last two years were exceptional so I’m looking forward to bringing you more cutting-edge research right here.

That’s it for this week – see you here and around the web!


16 thoughts on “Friday Roundup: What Caught My Attention This Week

  1. I’ll have to check out brett’s site. Now i am intrigued. And the clean eating thing, it’s unnecessary to bash. I don’t get it. We just need to leave it alone and let other figure out what’s best of them. A-FREAKIN-MEN (AMEN)


  2. I am so tired of the world commenting on what everyone else should be eating and obsessing over eating, or eating to particular rules. We have made eating SO COMPLICATED.

    Unfortunately so much of this attaching-to-labels (clean eating, paleo, gluten free, whatever) comes down to marketing and not so much to helping anyone.

    We all have things we can/can’t should/shouldn’t eat based on our goals and how those foods make us feel, but when people get particularly attached to a label, it’s sometimes at the expense of common sense.


    • Agree. Labels help us differentiate one type of diet from another, but they don’t have to be completely polarizing! I suppose I could call how I eat “natural foods” or “whole food eating” or any number of names, but “clean eating” is just easiest.


  3. Hi Suzanne,
    I agree with you about not tearing people down. But some writers use “controversy” to drive readership. I do like the IIFYM concept. I’ve been planning on writing a post about counting calories being useless and to count macros instead.
    On a different note, I hate to be a copycat, but I’m totally going to be a copycat! A weekly roundup is such a great idea! I promise to link to you on my first one and give you credit.


  4. Great roundup and hope the flooding has resided. I agree with your thoughts on clean eating. It’s simple and clear, but a lot of people go to great lengths to break it down to the T.


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